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Member 7763261 14-Jun-17 3:49am View    
I have a work book with 8 sheets, WS = (Excel.Worksheet)WB.Worksheets[3] ; here I am refering to sheet 3, WS.Range["C5", misValue].Value = firstname;
WS.Range["C6", misValue].Value = Surname;
WS.Range["C7", misValue].Value = Tel; the I put some data in some of those ranges. The WS.PrintPreview(); but nothing happens instead it just hangs or opens the first sheet. is there a way around this?
Member 7763261 17-May-17 5:08am View    
Hi Richard,

Thank you for all your assistance. I have eventually managed to fix the code but I am returning a string instead of a bool. Please share why prefer to return bool instead of string?
Member 7763261 9-May-17 10:27am View    
Ok the that I display from my testobj class ? are they in the right place if I want to display to the user what went wrong or are they in the wrong place?
Member 7763261 9-May-17 10:11am View    
Very, but I have commented out testobj.ReadData(); on btnlogin_Click event and called it on on dowork but I get stuck inside the loop. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong. and thanks for the SQL injection article. very informative.
Member 7763261 9-May-17 9:24am View    
Yes it is set to true