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Member 7766180 8-Jan-13 20:15pm View    
Like I said. Lost, Lost, Lost. I have MySQL. I was told to use PHP, Ajax and JScript. Yes I have samples but none are totally working. The best one fills in the first listbox but refuses to update the second one. Is there something amiss in this update code? Cant seem to get the code to paste properly! See original question, its there.
Member 7766180 8-Jan-13 19:19pm View    
Sounds good! I am coming from an MS Access background, so my thinking isn't up to speed yet! Are there any examples out there that I can start with? Thank you.
Member 7766180 6-Jan-13 15:55pm View    
Here is the Listbox code.

<form method = "post">
<select name = "RestName" id="RestID">
<option value="-1">--Select--</option>

<select id = "RestID" id="CityID">
<option value="-1">--Select--</option>

<select id="RestID" id="AreaID">
<option value="-1">--Select--</option>

Member 7766180 14-Oct-12 11:00am View    
Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
Member 7766180 13-Oct-12 15:39pm View    
Thank you. I now see what I did wrong. I appreciate the help.