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Comments by garav kumar mishra (Top 37 by date)

garav kumar mishra 23-Mar-14 7:27am View    
yeah i can change it but i will be more complicated as i have lot of things dependent upon that any way to get result from query ??
garav kumar mishra 23-Mar-14 6:30am View    
hey but i don not want to user OR if in case i have to search for large number of records like 1,2,3,4,56,7 etc then ??
garav kumar mishra 13-Mar-14 0:45am View    
i wrote
$thumb = new Imagick('download.png');

$thumb->affineTransformImage(ImagickDraw (1, 0.4, -0.6, 0.6, 71, 0));


still getting error ?
garav kumar mishra 29-Jan-14 10:45am View    
what i see when i play video idm(Internet Download Manager) is able to grab video and video gets downloaded.

there is site
here vidoe does not gets downloaded via IDM how this can be achieved ?
garav kumar mishra 27-Jan-14 7:10am View    
it does not seem to works ??