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time-killer-games 15-Jan-18 14:52pm View    
Whoever rated this question 1 star doesn't seem to understand I explained my situation the best I could.
time-killer-games 14-Jan-18 21:15pm View    
I don't have any quicktime headers. I downloaded quicktime and the activex control DLL's that came with it are all I have. I would really appreciate it if you aren't willing to help to at least not act sarcastic like I'm stupid or something.
time-killer-games 14-Jan-18 11:01am View    
where is the documentation located? I've been looking all around for that for literally a month.
time-killer-games 12-Jan-18 18:15pm View    
I want ClientToWindow to resize the window so that the client area is 640x480. However it seems to not be doing that. The IE window created is 640x480 including the border, which isn't what I want. It does that whether I use ClientToWindow or not. It's as if the method is broken or something, but I'm not sure if that's it, or I'm just not doing something right.
time-killer-games 12-Jan-18 18:15pm View    
(meant to post this as a reply)