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Comments by mikcutu (Top 6 by date)

mikcutu 9-May-13 4:57am View    
Yes, and the result is the same :(
mikcutu 22-Jul-11 3:29am View    
this is very helpful but unfortunately I don't use Visual Studio 2008 or 2010.
my version is 2005. do you have an example for 2005, please?
mikcutu 6-Apr-11 4:38am View    
Hi Simon,

It worked! Thanks for your time.
I shall come back with new questions, for sure. :)

mikcutu 5-Apr-11 8:03am View    
Hi Simon,

I was review my code and it seems that the problem comes from the passing over the 1st value of the file name. More exactly:

1st of all, I have this declaration:
Dim str As String = sr.ReadLine
here, immediately the str variable is declared, it is initialized with the 1st filename.

later, I enter into the "While str IsNot Nothing" where i have a new initialization of "str" variable without using the previous value. I am thinking to use 1st value of "str" with GetFile procedure and after that to have the while loop...

what do you say about this, could be a good solution...?
...any other clue?

Thanks a lot.
mikcutu 24-Mar-11 3:36am View    
Hi Simon,

my test is made with 4 files, 3 of them are downloaded correctly but during the extraction of last one, the value of str becomes nothig...

what should I do?