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Comments by Pratik Bhesaniya (Top 18 by date)

Pratik Bhesaniya 26-Aug-14 6:28am View    
Please check out your SQL connection string, credential you are specifying in your connection string is correct or not and check out other parameter as well like "connectionString="Data Source=localhost; database=PERSONAL; User ID=name; Password=passwordname; Trusted_Connection=False;"
Pratik Bhesaniya 10-Jan-12 4:26am View    
Which popup are you using ? I mean Jquery dialog or ModalPopupExtender..
If you are showing a popup then you have to give appropriate option to the popup you are using not to the div.
Pratik Bhesaniya 16-May-11 9:30am View    
What kind of validation you want ?
Pratik Bhesaniya 13-May-11 5:25am View    
Very well said...
Pratik Bhesaniya 5-May-11 4:13am View    
Can you share your code so that i can see where you went wrong....