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Member 7779792 4-Oct-11 3:16am View
question is updated
Member 7779792 3-Oct-11 5:30am View
from where is this function {Main1_Shown()} is being called? is it by one.Show(); ?

you said that this same thing can be done in the Main.can you please explain it?
Member 7779792 3-Oct-11 5:21am View
1. form "Main" is an MDIParent ? Main is the parent of Main1
2. form Main1 is a normal form ? yes
3. bpaper is also a normal form
Member 7779792 3-Oct-11 4:41am View
still the exception is occurring at the same place!
Member 7779792 17-Jul-11 9:20am View
what about the remote calling methods like webservices,WCF etc?what are your suggestions about them?
Member 7779792 17-Jul-11 3:47am View
is there any other way of passing values instead of sockets?
Member 7779792 13-Jul-11 9:53am View
this doesn't give any errors, but still it doesnt show the relevant tabpage
Member 7779792 7-Jul-11 0:11am View
thank you for the link.that's a good one.
Member 7779792 6-Jul-11 3:13am View
thank you!! it is actually a good link.
Member 7779792 4-Jul-11 1:18am View
thnx a lot!
as you said i have created the [time] field as i changed it in to varchar, now it runs as i expected.
thank you very much. :))))
Member 7779792 3-Jul-11 17:44pm View
thank you very much.appreciate your help! :))))
Member 7779792 3-Jul-11 16:00pm View
in this code,even though we insert 2 different pictures to picture boxes, it adds only one picture to the both fields(party_im, name_im)
how can we add these 2 different images to the table?how this code should change?
Member 7779792 1-Jul-11 13:56pm View
still it gives the same exception.i need to fill the array starting from 1 and up to the size of can_Count.since can_Count is holding the value of 5, the for loop should iterate 5 times.which means the bu1 array should be filled from 1 to 5.this is what i need to do.but this code won't execute as i was expected,please can any one help me??
Member 7779792 1-Jul-11 13:33pm View
no i need to fill the array starting from index 1
Member 7779792 17-Jun-11 9:04am View
thank you every one!!!:)))
Member 7779792 17-Jun-11 9:04am View
values inserted to tables once the fields are specified as you have suggested.
thank you for you help!.
Member 7779792 17-Jun-11 8:54am View
error is in,
n = SqlCom.ExecuteNonQuery();
what is wrong in this?
Member 7779792 17-Jun-11 8:04am View
connection is seems to be all right.
exception says about a syntax there any possible way to locate the error?
Member 7779792 16-Jun-11 9:55am View
yes that's true!
button1.BackgroundImage =null;
is running properly.but not tha other one.
can we implement this same thing using,
BackgroundImage ="";
if so, what should be done to remove this above mentioned error?
Member 7779792 16-Jun-11 9:49am View
thank you so much!!!
Member 7779792 16-Jun-11 9:49am View
thank you so much!!!
Member 7779792 15-Jun-11 3:35am View
thank you every one!appreciate your help a lot!!
i haven't initialize the index1 variable!!!
how stupid i am!!!!
thank u once again! :))))
Member 7779792 2-Jun-11 10:01am View
textBox1.Text contains "abc" and table is also having a record with "abc"
Member 7779792 2-Jun-11 9:54am View
changed the code as u suggested,but still it is same as previous.specified record is not deleted from the table.
Member 7779792 2-Jun-11 9:46am View
i replaced
dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(); with cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
but still its as same as previous! what should i do to correct it?
Member 7779792 31-May-11 15:40pm View
i include the it executes as i expected.thank you very much for your help!i appreciate your help a lot! thank you so much.
Member 7779792 31-May-11 15:03pm View
private PictureBox [] bu1=new PictureBox[10];

and c will be getting 5(there are 5 rows in pic table)
Member 7779792 31-May-11 14:42pm View
it runs a NullReference Exception. the message says "object reference is not set to an object".
what should i do to correct it?please help me!!! any suggestions?
Member 7779792 31-May-11 14:34pm View
exception is running on the following line,

bu1[i].BackgroundImage = Image.FromStream(stmProfilePIC);
Member 7779792 31-May-11 14:29pm View
table is already containing data.
Member 7779792 31-May-11 13:36pm View
following is the catch block that i have place at the bottom of the above try block. it runs the exception saying that "object reference not set to an instance of an object" images are appered in the form soon after this message is run.

catch (Exception ee)
Member 7779792 30-May-11 14:42pm View
thank you!! it works perfectly!!
but still it gives a run time error! it appears the this message (which is in catch block) "object reference not set to an instance of an object" and then appears the list of images in the form.
why is that?can some one help me to solve it!!
Member 7779792 30-May-11 10:05am View
thank you very much!!! it actually works.thanx alot!!!
Member 7779792 24-Mar-11 10:36am View
thanx alot!appreciate your help very much!thnx once again.
Member 7779792 24-Mar-11 5:08am View
how can we apply this for a button in a button array???
Member 7779792 24-Mar-11 4:33am View
if the buttons are created by a dynamic button array,how can we identify a clicked button,among the other dynamic buttons in an array?
Member 7779792 24-Mar-11 3:52am View
thanx alot!!it actually works.
i'm sooo happy.i tried soooo hard to do this part during past few words to admit your help.thanx once again!!!!