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Comments by Sachin Makwana (Top 16 by date)

Sachin Makwana 18-Oct-17 8:13am View
Thanks, It worked for me.
Sachin Makwana 18-Oct-17 7:43am View
Actually I have to hide some controls when video is not in full screen mode. It is working fine is user is clicking a button provided to go to small screen. But if he presses Esc button then video goes in small screen mode but controls are not hiding. I also tried the same. It is working if browser is in fullscreen mode. It is not working for video's full screen mode.
Sachin Makwana 18-Oct-17 7:22am View
its html5 video element and it goes fullscreen by triggering $("#video).requestFullscreen(), $("#video).mozRequestFullscreen() or $("#video).webkitRequestFullscreen().
I'm not using keypress event for esc. It was mentioned in the question earlier but I've corrected it now.
Sachin Makwana 16-May-17 7:22am View
Thanks Sir for the reply. Using the keyword you suggest me, I found about iTextSharp.
Now i need to learn about iTextSharp.
Sachin Makwana 12-May-17 9:23am View
ok sir, How can i format bytes in json format? I am also sending other data in UriParameters.
Sachin Makwana 12-May-17 9:05am View
using application/octet-stream i am getting following error:"StatusCode: UnsupportedMediaType, Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8, Content-Length: 740)"
Sachin Makwana 12-May-17 8:59am View
I'm doing so because I'm getting Request Format as application/json. text/json in web api help page.
Sachin Makwana 28-Apr-17 7:40am View
I've already asked the question to Aspose. Haven't got their reply yet. That's why I've posted my question here. If anybody is having idea on this topic then they can help me.
Sachin Makwana 26-Apr-17 8:04am View

Will it be useful to create Virtual Printer driver in C# or I need to go for C++?

I'm really confused on Virtual Printer Driver development (C# or C++).
Sachin Makwana 26-Apr-17 7:39am View
ok. I had a look at one of its example. It reads INI file and previews the print data stored in the form of emf file.

my question is, Does every printer stores its jobs in INI file? and Does the print data is stored in emf file??
Sachin Makwana 26-Apr-17 6:34am View
I've found this link, which provides virtual printer using c#.

I'm still not getting what it is actually doing. and How can I use that.
Sachin Makwana 25-Apr-17 1:30am View
I meant, printing data which are being sent to the printer for printing.
Sachin Makwana 24-Apr-17 8:42am View

Please share the link if you find "how to get printing data"?.
i can see printStream property while debugging above project using PrintingSpoolerAPI, but it's always null .
Sachin Makwana 24-Apr-17 8:13am View
Thanks. It's useful. How to catch which document is printing( whole file not document's name) ? Above solution is giving me name of the document being printed, but i am not getting attached document or file.
Sachin Makwana 1-Aug-16 3:58am View
you are correct, 32 bytes, no problem. But why I'm getting ReadTimeOut and WriteTimeOut exception? This is causing me problem while I am applying decryption logic as per the following link.

it gives me error "Bad Data". So, I thought that i might be doing it wrong way or it is causing because of the exception of "ReadTimeOut" and "WriteTimeOut" which i'm getting in debugging mode.
Sachin Makwana 1-Aug-16 2:38am View
string str = "xSlDJ5yNyfxUkx9ri8KvVwHNFtYGnkqreI5DTKCwKIo=";

please try above string. It is converting it into buffer but also throwing ReadTimeOut and WriteTimeOut exception. I am always getting CanTimeOut option value as false.

as per the discussion here

I'm getting exception as value of CanTimeOut is always false.