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Comments by PRASAD GDV (Top 18 by date)

PRASAD GDV 29-Jun-12 11:31am View
k thank u ,i ll check it
PRASAD GDV 28-May-11 4:50am View
i want to use javascript and xml inplace of update panel
PRASAD GDV 24-May-11 5:36am View
it is coming from data base.
my grid view is enabled with edit mode .
PRASAD GDV 24-May-11 3:07am View
i really apologize for that i know difference between java and javascript. i changed my question

vara prasad
PRASAD GDV 24-May-11 2:18am View
yes i write the java script for each control.
after that i googled . i found no better results .please help me.
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 7:37am View
ok it is working
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 7:36am View
i didnt vote you till now .
i 1 is not mine it is some one's vote
ok i am voting you with 5.thank you for you answer
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 7:18am View
ok it is working
thank you very much for u r valuble answer
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 6:45am View
no it is not working .
i dont know where to write this code.
i tried it with writing in form load.
please tell me where to writr
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 5:52am View
ok i know the reson
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 5:52am View
yes you r correct
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 5:50am View
but how it is possible as we are checking for 'or' condition
PRASAD GDV 23-May-11 5:48am View
thank you very much it is working
PRASAD GDV 19-May-11 9:27am View
yes folder exists
PRASAD GDV 13-May-11 4:36am View
no i dont want to print 1 or -1

math.sign method returns only 1 or -1.
i want to print + or -
PRASAD GDV 22-Apr-11 8:22am View
thanks it working
PRASAD GDV 22-Apr-11 8:22am View
thank you it is working
PRASAD GDV 19-Apr-11 8:47am View
thanks for your solution