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Nikhil_S 1-Jul-16 5:30am View    
ok thanks for your inputs Richard. just wanted to know if anybody used kony recently.
Nikhil_S 1-Jul-16 5:15am View    
i mentioned that thing.We can do that via connecting to "build host" which should be installed on MAC and should have public access.
Nikhil_S 1-Jul-16 5:09am View    
Right.I know that but why people are so attracted towards kony even Microsoft has integrated xamarin into VS.
Nikhil_S 1-Jul-16 5:05am View    
Well i am working on VS from last 7 years but i wanted to know which is better among these two IDE's.VS is not for iOS app development but we can use Xamarin or Kony for that.We can use VS also by connecting to Build host(mac machine) but still i wanted to know what's soo exciting about kony and if there's anything which i can't do via xamarin but with kony ?
Nikhil_S 18-Mar-15 2:45am View    
Please be little specific,like which controls you want to use?