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Comments by aizenel (Top 6 by date)

aizenel 4-May-11 5:31am View
i guess, i misunderstood the word that you don't know. sorry for that. u're talking bout hans right?? If that's it, sorry again, just red the wrong name hehe..
aizenel 4-May-11 5:29am View
..thank you Espen, i'll read that.. :)..
aizenel 4-May-11 2:43am View
:)smile and smile.. haha
k, i'll do that.. can't find any green button here..
i guess my browser has a problem.. the page is not totally loaded..
i'll do that later..
thanks again..
aizenel 4-May-11 2:35am View
more appropriate.. for your reply.. thanks again..
aizenel 4-May-11 2:31am View
(Thank you:
a polite expression of one's gratitude
, that's according to merriam-webster dictionary..) haha.. :)
..sorry,, peace..
..thank YOU for your post..
aizenel 4-May-11 1:41am View
..thank you hans, i'll try that.. :)