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bitsmax 9-Oct-14 4:23am View
Consider the scenario when your text box with id="text" is active , you are entering some value in your text box , that time "var test = document.activeElement" your textbox with id="text" is a active element. on same element "test" i am checking that is the text box is editable or not by property "test.isContentEditable" . Is that wrong ? Or i have to use property contanteditable="true" everytime ?
bitsmax 9-Oct-14 4:18am View
I check it because i want to avoid backspace on any alert/message box . Becouse alert or message box is not editable so i am checking whether the current selection/active element is editable or not.
while i am entering username in username text box , the active element is text box , and it should be editable.
bitsmax 9-Oct-12 1:56am View
there is no compilation error , but launching application i got access violation , stack overflow this kind of errors.
bitsmax 9-Oct-12 0:33am View
I have changed the limit , now getting access vialoation in MFCVCR90.dll ,
bitsmax 5-Oct-12 1:07am View
Hello Richard,
I know it is very much difficult to guess what is happening ,
May be some person who done porting MFC feature pack , can provide me some suggestions, may be they have faced same kind of problems .
bitsmax 5-Oct-12 1:04am View
Hello Jack,
For me its not possible to generate a new framework and merge the code , as mine code too complex and large . It will be a great help if you share some suggestions and precautions in porting MFC feature pack.
bitsmax 29-Sep-11 6:29am View
Ya , please tell what happens exactly, is the look and feel has changed or some part of your application in not working and what is the scenario ?
bitsmax 16-Sep-11 8:27am View
NO, its not multithreded.

bitsmax 26-Aug-11 7:22am View
Hi Pallini,
Thanks for reply, but i think for using that StretchBlt Function function i must have some image, but i am working with real-time graphical view, its not a static image. some another idea for that.
bitsmax 11-Aug-11 1:54am View
Hello KarstenK,
Thanks for reply.
could you please help me out in getting the bitmap of my view , as i am not able to get the bitmap.
currently i am taking the snapshot of my view and copy it on clipboard, but i ma not getting the image , it showing a dot only .
below is my code .. please have a look

CDC dc;

HDC hdc = ::GetDC(m_WndGraph->m_hWnd);

CDC memDC;

CBitmap bm;
CRect r;

m_WndGraph(that is my view)->GetClientRect(&r);

CString s;
CSize sz(r.Width(), r.Height());
CBitmap * oldbm = memDC.SelectObject(&bm);
memDC.BitBlt(0, 0,,, &dc, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);

::SetClipboardData(CF_BITMAP, bm.m_hObject);