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Comments by Harish Reddy K (Top 31 by date)

Harish Reddy K 30-Dec-15 12:41pm View    
Thank you very much RyanDev.
Harish Reddy K 4-Jan-14 0:28am View    
Thanks Valery,

this solution worked for me....
Harish Reddy K 28-Nov-12 3:50am View    
Thank you RaisKazi...
Harish Reddy K 22-Aug-12 1:02am View    

Through my project, i need to copy a file to the shared location with the given credentials(domain, username, password).
Now the problem is if PC is not connected to domain, there user can give the PC local User Credentials.
This local user credentials, how can i authenticate?

Harish Reddy K 24-Jul-12 1:00am View    
Of course you are right.. but the author is adding the items while loading the form. not dynamically..
I'll try to find the solution...