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Member 7856400 25-Apr-11 15:02pm View    
Thanks OriginalGriff for your response.

Setting up a class sounds like a better way to do this. I initially planned on having only one value column and started this way but later decided to add more value columns.

I still cannot figure out how I isolate the non-zero blocks in my data. The hardest part for me is to take care of minimum separation between two non-zero blocks. I can send you my original data, targetted result and the rules... but I could not find a way to attach any file here
Member 7856400 25-Apr-11 15:01pm View    
the data I am working with is rainfall data. So 0.00 means there is no rainfall. I need to find date/time at which the rainfall occurred and delete the values where there is no rainfall. But the hardest part for me is incorporating minimum time separation between two storms which is defined by the user. What I mean is the user may say if after first storm it does not rain for 3 consecutive hours (all zero values) then any rainfall after this 3 hr is another storm or the user may choose 4 hours as the minimum separation. So there can be some zero rows followed by non-zero rows. Because of this I cannot just delete all zero-rows.