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Comments by Qadeer Ahmed Khan (Top 10 by date)

Qadeer Ahmed Khan 18-Mar-20 10:27am View    
Thanks. Yes it worked after configuring CORS.
Qadeer Ahmed Khan 22-Feb-19 10:28am View    
Didn't work. I added [Key] to both classes and yet still same. If I send Organization as null in json it works fine. Not sure why it is trying to insert data in Organizations table while it should just insert relation key into it.
Qadeer Ahmed Khan 13-May-17 5:04am View    
So I found this in documentation.

The value of vector coordinates delimited with a ^ character in the following format: x1,y1^x2,y2^xN,yN^~
If there is a pen-up event, then you use the coordinate 0, 65535 to signal a break in the line
^ is the coordinate delimiter, ~ is the ending delimiter, and a comma (,) is the vector delimiter
Qadeer Ahmed Khan 21-Apr-16 8:55am View    
Each Customer is assigned a unique id like CSP644 which can be sent for each service call. These databases are deployed upon different servers and there is a central database which keeps record of connection information. e.g
Host = SomeHost
Database = DBName
Password = ThePassword

So I should load a SQL Server Compact database table by calling a web service which would return data from central database and keep them locally. Clients would send their CSPID and other details like Email and Password for authentication.

Also should I keep a connection open for each database or close them after executing query as I am currently doing. Also is it possible to handle requests asynchronously and what would be the best way to do it?
Qadeer Ahmed Khan 19-Apr-16 11:01am View    
There is a different database for each client.