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Comments by Akhil Mittal (Top 36 by date)

Akhil Mittal 16-Jul-15 2:24am View
What error are you getting?
Akhil Mittal 13-Jul-15 5:12am View
Do you want the logic to do that?
Akhil Mittal 10-Jul-15 7:06am View
Google it. You'll find a lot of links, one of them is,
Akhil Mittal 10-Jul-15 7:03am View
try implementing your self. Do some code, and then if you are stuck , we are ready to help.
Akhil Mittal 10-Jul-15 7:01am View
Google it !!
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 9:42am View
please elaborate your question. What exactly are you doing?
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 9:25am View
Please elaborate your question.
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 8:53am View
Mark it as an answer if it works :-)
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 8:49am View
This can not be the solution, It is not necessary that because of empty value of string this error is coming.This error is coming because Convert.Itn32 is getting string that can not be converted to integer, something that is not numeric in nature.It has to be resolved by Int32.TryParse.
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 5:46am View
Great :-)
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 5:35am View
In this code You are using "window.location.href", be clear what you are trying to achieve because window.location.href does not give "/" before location but gives file path as "file:///C:/Users/akhil.mittal/Desktop/a.html"
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 4:44am View
I am sure you must be missing to include angular js library.The example given there says to include angular js library 1.2.1. Please check.
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 4:42am View
Can you share your code of notepad editor?
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 1:38am View
Elaborate your question please
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 1:09am View
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 1:08am View
If you wish you can accept this given solution as an accepted answer.
Akhil Mittal 9-Jul-15 1:08am View
If you wish you can accept this given solution as an accepted answer.
Akhil Mittal 22-Jun-15 4:09am View
Your question is very unclear w.r.t. to textbox you mentioned.
What I understand is you want to fetch attendance details on dropdown selection change and show the data into a text box.If this is so, then you can just display the values into text box on selection change event of dropdown list.Just display the details that you fetch into textbox whenever the dropdown selection changes.
Akhil Mittal 17-Jun-15 1:35am View
"After all, our inquirer can learn a lesson that the answer can only be as good as a question." To teach a lesson is not the objective, to convey the concern can be an approach.

"Also, let me note that your own solution is not based on any real facts of the inquirer situation. I have no idea on what assumption it could be based, why it would need a "patch" of any specific form, and so on. The situation is very general; we don't know anything specific."

This is a known bug, please refer the links that I suggested to get more detail.
Akhil Mittal 16-Jun-15 9:11am View
This could not be posted into Solution.You can post these statements as a comment instead.
Akhil Mittal 15-Jun-15 8:18am View
Google is your friend . try googling this question.
Akhil Mittal 12-Jun-15 4:33am View
Please elaborate your question.What specifically you need to do in your application? This seems very generic question.
Akhil Mittal 19-May-15 5:49am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Just a code dump.Missing explanation and details.
Akhil Mittal 18-May-15 1:54am View
Check the parameters that your are setting before firing ExecuteNonQuery.
Akhil Mittal 18-May-15 1:53am View
You must be getting a null value in some field.Try check it.
Akhil Mittal 31-Dec-14 4:16am View
Comment deleted.User gone.
Akhil Mittal 27-Nov-14 0:36am View
Please elaborate your need and question.What exactly you want to achieve?
Akhil Mittal 24-Nov-14 1:50am View
Be more explanatory.It wpould be good if you describe your complete problem statement with scenarios.
Akhil Mittal 10-Sep-14 1:04am View
Its for default membership provider.My question is different.
I have already gone through that link.
Akhil Mittal 4-Sep-14 8:28am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Not even a tip
Akhil Mittal 13-Aug-14 0:49am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Poor code quality and approach.
Akhil Mittal 30-Jul-14 23:42pm View
I tried to do that before posting the question.But when i configure this, it gives an exception and tries to follow a code first approach for another database, whose designer is not inherited in project.
Akhil_Mittal 12-Mar-14 12:34pm View
Akhil_Mittal 12-Mar-14 3:24am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good one
Akhil_Mittal 3-Oct-13 4:30am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n 1.Very less informative.
2.Could have been more detailed.
3.Its layered as per the approach shown in the code and not tier.
Akhil_Mittal 27-Feb-13 4:54am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n Public field????? That should be private.

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