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Member 7870345 1-Aug-18 16:00pm View    
You are ok, MAX(COALESCE(age,1)) it was a mistake.
It must be MAX(COALESCE(age,0))
Member 7870345 4-May-18 6:02am View    
In theory there is no problem.
Can you send me the text of your query with the joins with customer?
Member 7870345 2-Mar-18 4:16am View    
Please replace CAST( purdate as date ) with CONVERT(date, purdate,105)
and replace CAST( sd.SaleInvdt as date ) with CONVERT(date, sd.SaleInvdt,105).
In general dont use the function CAST to convert to date instead use the CONVERT function with tree parameters to control how the string must be interpreted.
Member 7870345 22-Feb-18 10:21am View    
I´ve made a correction in my previous response in hope can help you
Member 7870345 8-Jan-18 7:53am View    
In you could see information about that.