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Comments by Jorge J. Martins (Top 31 by date)

Jorge J. Martins 9-Oct-14 9:43am View    
Thanks for trying Dipak.
The TRY CATCH part is not the problema.
I've been using that in DML triggers and stored procedures for quite a while.
I've improved my quetion for clarity.
Jorge J. Martins 19-Jun-14 6:50am View    
Hi Sergey

I'm parsing a flexible xml structure that comes from a REST service and I don't know in advance what members are referenced in that xml.
I could create a switch/case for every member on the class but it seemed a bad idea at the time for the class has a lot of members (above was just an example).
So far the reflection solution is working fine and I haven's noticed any performance issue on the client side.
Jorge J. Martins 18-Jun-14 7:29am View    
My mistake then. I'm really sorry man.
I really wanted to give You a 5.
Jorge J. Martins 18-Jun-14 7:05am View    

I'm prety sure I voted 5, that was my intention.
You did help me solve my problem why would I vote any other way?
Jorge J. Martins 17-Jun-14 13:07pm View    
Your answer has been very useful.
So far I've made it with Reflection and it is working.

The performance issue made me think.
Now that I have a working solution I can go on improving it taking the performance issue into acount.

My 5 for your answer and thanks.