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Comments by AnnSJ (Top 35 by date)

AnnSJ 29-Feb-12 7:34am View    
sorry.. can you please tell me where do i write this?
is this a method?
AnnSJ 20-Feb-12 8:37am View    
thanks for your comments. i did see some flash controls, but clients are not interested in using it.
AnnSJ 8-Dec-11 6:51am View    
AnnSJ 9-Nov-11 8:29am View    
thnx.. gave teh physical path and it worked...
AnnSJ 8-Nov-11 7:24am View    
hey.. thanx..i haev implemented it,. but still my image does get displayed properly.
when you set the image .src it should be like "~/image.jpg"
but when you copy teh path from teh text box teh forward slashes are used.
Could that be giving me problem?