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Hafeez Osman 8-Jun-12 5:27am View
Thank you SA... I've improve the question... :)
Hafeez Osman 7-Jun-12 13:28pm View
The purpose of class diagram simplification is to help the programmer or software developer who want to maintain the system have the brief idea what is the system structure is all about. This survey aims at to come out with a tool that can do simplification of class diagram. The target person for this tools are software developer, software engineer and software architect. :) thank you for asking...
Hafeez Osman 23-Sep-11 5:55am View
Thanks Niklas, the problem solved but another error appear (LNK2001), I'm currently look into it.
Hafeez Osman 22-Sep-11 7:44am View
I've found the file (wx.rc) in wxWindows folder. But, don't know why VC++ could not open this file (may be because it search on "..\..\Tools\wxWindows_2_4_2\include\wx\msw\wx.rc" rather than "..\contrib\wxWindows-2.4.2\include" ) I've check all reference and additional resource path.. all stated "..\contrib\wxWindows-2.4.2\include".
Hafeez Osman 22-Sep-11 7:23am View
The source code is too big... is there any other suggestion...?
Hafeez Osman 22-Sep-11 5:29am View
Thank you Mehdi and Niklas. By using Find in Files, there are no wx.rc file in the entire solution. However, this file is located in one of the reference file (wxWindows_2_4_2). For the reference, I've check the resource additional reference stated "..\contrib\wxWindows-2.4.2\include". I don't really understand why the Visual C++ searching for this file path "..\..\Tools\wxWindows_2_4_2\include\wx\msw\wx.rc".

Hafeez Osman
Hafeez Osman 20-May-11 4:40am View
Thank you for your suggestion. However, I couldn't find the uml documentation for the project.
Hafeez Osman 20-May-11 4:26am View
Thank you very much for the suggestion. I've already browse the documentation for the project. The UML design is there but it is very old version(no updated version) and the UML was not for the whole project(by package - only important package). However, very good suggestion :)....