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Member 7891405 20-Oct-11 9:35am View
Thank you so much
Member 7891405 20-Oct-11 9:29am View
Thanks a lot for your immediate response.

Yes, we are installing on Windows XP SP 1, But is there any other way to handle this issue.
Or Can you please confirm .Net application is not supporting to XP SP1

Thanks in advance
Member 7891405 16-Oct-11 14:37pm View
Member 7891405 16-Oct-11 11:53am View
Do you mean to say i need distributable like framework?

do you have any setup file or link to download this type of files.
Member 7891405 27-Jul-11 6:03am View
already check & when i will unchecked it will be excute without error but when class librery register com interop service is needed
Member 7891405 8-Jun-11 2:31am View
I have not install this setup on windows vista or 2008.
I want check serial key on textbox(add dialog).If key is wrong that time just show message invalid key not go to the next page like Microsoft Office setup.
Member 7891405 8-Jun-11 2:26am View
i want check serial key on textbox(add dialog).if key is wrong that time just show message invalid key not go to the next page like Microsoft Office setup.
Member 7891405 5-May-11 6:02am View
is it possible to add my program in show quick launch task bar & this application do not close by the user or lock the application.
How to give the security for license software or count the days when system date changed.
Member 7891405 5-May-11 5:34am View
update only happen when my program runs & update a registry that time.i cant found the method to start trigger after every 5 min. if application is in running mode or not in regisrty update date & time untill the user shut down the computer.
Member 7891405 5-May-11 4:08am View
Thanks Kim.
I Add the trigger in my application.But i want to update trigger after 5 minutes interval & this updated time store in my registry automatically because my application is run once when my Computer starts.
Member 7891405 4-May-11 8:17am View
My application is use to generate License. I want to update time in registry for check the user is change the date or time. I store the date & time in registry when pc starts.& after that the application is close. The Task Scheduler helpful to check the customer change the date & time or not & its helps to update timing in registry. How its work?
Member 7891405 4-May-11 7:46am View
how to use Windows Task Scheduler in C#.
Member 7891405 4-May-11 5:37am View
i want to add my application when booting the computer without knowing to customer
Member 7891405 4-May-11 5:22am View
how to add my application setup file in startup folder
Member 7891405 3-May-11 8:23am View
i want to add new date in registry in same file that time "Cannot write to the registry key." error occures