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jdarknight 14-May-12 7:17am View    
I have created a table quat_week with 1 column quatfrom (of type date). and ran ur SP. When i execute ur SP i got the data inserted in to the table quat_week. What is your problem? have u ran the query in sql query editor.
jdarknight 14-May-12 5:35am View    
Specify the OS. is it XP or Vista or Windows 7 ....
jdarknight 14-May-12 5:17am View    
A Project design should not be having circular reference. So revisit your design.
jdarknight 11-May-12 5:26am View    
Is this your problem?

You want to automatically calculate the values for txtOSITotalIncome , txtOSITotalTDS if some other text box's values are entered.