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Member 790656 26-Feb-16 7:34am View
TV means broadcasting company - like in the titles you see on the news - ? or means a TV as a real device you have ?

For broadcasting solutions see CasparCG - rather old , but free - or Ventuz
For a TV as a real device, just generate a graphic in a window and put this window in the secondary/extended monitor using the HDMI
Member 790656 10-Dec-15 11:20am View
You need to post the client code too ! Apparently you are sending all the buffer - big number 32768 - when you try to send only few bytes
Member 790656 19-Nov-12 3:51am View
You make my day!...The key thing yo point - to others - is the OLEDB word at the beggining of the connection string.

Even inside de Excel WorkBookConnection details, this is not appearing, which leads to a big confussion.