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Comments by Aswathi Narayan (Top 39 by date)

Aswathi Narayan 23-Jul-14 5:32am View    
Its a subquery inside my main query.. I can execute my main query using exec . So I want to display contents of the subquery using exec statement. Could u please help me?
Aswathi Narayan 8-Nov-13 3:28am View    
This code is working in local server .. But not in web... Am I want to set anything specific setting on web????
Aswathi Narayan 19-Oct-13 2:27am View    
ya.. am passing date in oct. but how can i write this code ????
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo(Request.UserLanguages[1]);

datetime dt= DateTime.TryParse(datetime);
Is this correct????
Aswathi Narayan 19-Oct-13 2:21am View    
am using en-US and ar-SA in my project... Then how can i make change to this code for proper working???
Aswathi Narayan 11-Oct-13 5:53am View    
ya.. dropdown list in a datalist