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Comments by bcomer79 (Top 4 by date)

bcomer79 10-Jun-11 19:35pm View    
I have figure out a way around the task manager issue. I now have a program that creates a new desktop with it's own task bar and start menu.
bcomer79 27-May-11 11:56am View    
I have ran into another issue on this project. The second desktop hides the task manager, but only on a computer with a systems unit(tower). When I run the second desktop on a laptop the task manager will become visible. I am trying to figure out why, so any help would be appreciated.
bcomer79 18-May-11 22:35pm View    
Thank you Dave. I was hoping that someone would have found what I could not.
bcomer79 18-May-11 16:10pm View    
Right now I am in the process of making the application. It starts with a form that has a button on it. When the button is pressed a blank desktop is created. I use the a CreateDesktop API to make a new desktop. The problem is that it is created without a taskbar. I will probably just create a form and use it like the taskbar.