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anglo0072 9-Dec-13 15:06pm View
hi @Tadit Dash i have checked in firebug console... and i am not getting any error... something is happening intrusting because i can upload only jpeg image but other images like jpg, png, gif cant be uploaded... dont know why this is happening.. am i missing something may be in web.config but dont know what i am missing
anglo0072 19-Nov-13 16:51pm View
Please post your full code so we can understand that what you are trying to do actually and then can help you.. it`should not be a big deal
anglo0072 19-Nov-13 16:40pm View
are you trying to call a registered javascript function from code behind to js?
well whenever we have to call javascript function we have to register it on codebehind as you did it
and whenever we have to pass a value from code behind to js we need to create a webservice and then call this webservice by using Ajax Post method
anglo0072 14-Nov-13 6:33am View
Thankx Moykn it`s works Perfectly i need more specific, i just use this
$("#right_contan .img_slider_car p.thumbs a[href$='noimage.png']").hide()
and it`s working properly
anglo0072 2-Dec-12 9:13am View
it happens when the datasource provided returns null at the time of printing.
You need to make sure that the datasource provided has continuous data feed to viewer. You can repopulate the report data just before print.
and i hope you have set autopostback true of you textbox
anglo0072 14-Nov-12 9:12am View
no i cant because i think i also have to give the latitude and longitude in json string like this
var Mydata = { "count": 10785236,
"photos": [{"photo_id": 27932, "photo_title": "Atardecer en Embalse", "photo_url": "", "photo_file_url": "", "longitude": -64.404945, "latitude": -32.202924, "width": 500, "height": 375, "upload_date": "25 June 2006", "owner_id": 4483, "owner_name": "Miguel Coranti", "owner_url": ""}
so have to put the latitude and longitude also in json string and there is no latitude and longitude defined with city name in DataBase that`s why i want geocoder will do it`s job to find the lat and long by giving just the city name