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Member 7928594 3-Oct-11 19:51pm View    
Well this works just greate, but now I'd like to ask you:
is there any way that the program name will be effected from the instance?
I only need to help the user to distiguish between the two instances somehow...
Do you have any idea ? :)
Member 7928594 19-Sep-11 15:22pm View    
You're right, and you helped me so much. Thanks a lot !! :)
Member 7928594 19-Sep-11 13:50pm View    
That's really fine, but still not looks like a link, the problem comes when you add the href. Then it fails. Do you know how to do it?
Member 7928594 19-Sep-11 13:35pm View    
Every way will help me .. :)
Member 7928594 19-Sep-11 13:34pm View    
Every way will help me .. :)