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Comments by Al Moje (Top 200 by date)

Al Moje 31-Jan-13 4:45am View    
Could you show us your code snippet?
Al Moje 4-Dec-12 0:41am View    
You must run the inetmgr and Modify Access Permission...
'eat a apple'
Al Moje 4-Dec-12 0:24am View    
Actualy it is not possible to redirect the requests coming from a virtual directory to the 1049 port because.

I run my application on local host at
http://localhost:64458/edms/Default.aspx and is running.
when I published it in public server, I use to access it thru:

Maybe you did not published it correctly. There where some network security access
that your should consider.
example: Permission access on virtual directory like: IUSR, Netwok Service, Grant Full access to the two previous mention.
Al Moje 3-Dec-12 23:58pm View    
Try to access your application
Al Moje 25-Nov-12 18:17pm View    
Yes, It is necessary to declare your entity class as [Serializable] when running on web services.