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Comments by CrystalB (Top 6 by date)

CrystalB 9-Aug-13 3:21am View    
True. But I need click event for buttons; which is inside the ListBox
CrystalB 15-May-13 10:36am View    
It is stand alone exe. It is not possible to get the result . It is better to create your own calc
CrystalB 3-May-13 9:08am View    
OK try this link
CrystalB 11-Apr-13 9:57am View    
From your question I understood that you want to copy a set of value to another table. Why can't you do it while Assigning label itself?
CrystalB 12-Mar-13 6:55am View    
Hey Thank you very much. your solutions strikes me... Now it is solved :)
Two Problems
1)As you said My URL Was not proper (It was not reading from config :()
2)Some security problem..
But Now every thing OK