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frostcox 12-Jul-20 17:07pm View
Fair point, I can assure you its not spam. I suppose I am trying not too give too much away as I don't want other people stealing my idea
frostcox 12-Jul-20 16:22pm View
HI, we used wix for a couple of years, we ended up moving away from it due to how difficult it was to customise. We then just purchased a perpetual licence for Install Shield for 50 bucks and it is 100 times easier to use and saved us countless hours.
frostcox 1-Dec-18 16:38pm View
Hey, this is from a long time ago but from what I remember the solution was to enable anonymous authentication in the web application and the client application can connect without any issues.
frostcox 13-Feb-18 17:40pm View
Hi Richard, appologies I realised after that i had not provided enough information. Thanks very much for reminding me. I have updated the question.

frostcox 3-Nov-16 7:06am View
Hey thanks for your response, I have never done anything like that before, I am fairly comfortable with javascript/jquery, what I would expect is that each node would be accessible by using a css selector either by id or class name byt this does not seem to be the case as arbor js renders the nodes on a canvas so the html would need to be inserted when the canvas is being drawn?
frostcox 20-Oct-16 3:13am View
Hey, yeah I went with something similar, all the properties for the areas and plots are more or less the same so I created a generic class that incorporates these properties and populate it from the db. Really appreciate the suggestion, thanks very much.
frostcox 9-Sep-16 3:06am View
Thanks mate I will take a look through the Wix toolkit and have a look at what you suggested.
frostcox 6-Dec-15 14:46pm View
Brilliant thank you very much
frostcox 14-Sep-15 17:57pm View
Hey, thanks for your reply, yeah I know they are separate but I was just seeing if there were any non entity framework samples out there.
frostcox 13-Apr-15 3:56am View
Hey, Thanks very much i will give it a try.
frostcox 11-Apr-15 10:37am View
No prob, thanks for your help
frostcox 11-Apr-15 10:28am View
By the looks of it no, as if it was it should return true, therefor entering a record in my event log table. see code above.
frostcox 11-Apr-15 10:00am View
Hi Thanks for you reply, I looked in to this and I made a few adjustments to the code to try and get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately there are some files still only being copied as apposed to being moved. Just wondering have you any other ideas... im stumped!!
frostcox 21-Dec-14 13:44pm View
Huh? Your going to have to be a bit more specific here, use labels to display what exactly?
frostcox 21-Nov-14 19:03pm View
async springs to mind!!!
frostcox 21-Nov-14 17:32pm View
Sounds perfect for an Admin application, here are plenty of templates where you can buy and customise for your need for as little as 18 dollars for your license!!!
frostcox 21-Nov-14 17:27pm View
I would use a HttpHandler for this task, you can perform seemless operations with no effort at all, if you need a code sample I am happy to supply.
frostcox 20-Nov-14 13:49pm View
excellent thanks very much.
frostcox 14-Nov-14 15:18pm View
sorry if I was unclear with what I was trying to do do here, I tried to be as clear as I could, but the solution by Richard was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your help.
frostcox 8-Nov-14 16:44pm View
I would create a Player class then create a generic List<> of Players. That way you can add and remove from this list as you please. Far simpler that the solution above.
frostcox 8-Nov-14 16:40pm View
Hey, thanks for the detailed answer, I will look into the Transactional File Manager and see if it fits my needs. I like the idea of logging so i will implement that aswell, thanks again.
frostcox 8-Nov-14 4:08am View
Hey thanks for your response, The process will perform the operations in batches of 20, so the clients computer could have 100's of files there already. Is there any FileSystem transactions which you know about?
frostcox 19-Oct-14 16:45pm View
Ok just place a property in Form2 like List<object> ListOfObjects and make it public, then in Form1 add your datasource to this property and then bind to your grid??
frostcox 31-Jul-14 17:25pm View
When you say doesn't work what do you mean? Do you get an error or is there no value in that cell?
frostcox 11-Jul-14 10:17am View
Hey when I enter text in the numeric field it allows the form to be submitted. Any ideas?
frostcox 6-Jul-14 5:54am View
Ok when I removed the controller name it worked, thanks for your help.
frostcox 5-Jul-14 15:06pm View
excellent thank you!
frostcox 27-Jun-14 14:21pm View
Ah I see, what was confusing me was my application is a MVC web application but I can modify the logic to suit what I need, thank you so much for your help.
frostcox 27-Jun-14 10:46am View
Thanks very much for your solution, only thing which is confusing me is this line where you instanciate MenuControl menu = new MenuControl();. MenuControl being what??. What I originally have is a List of Menuitems which is a list of all the menus in the database regardless of type parent/child, so at that point all the sub menus are null but the ParentMenuItemId is 0(parent) or ParentMenuItemId = MenuItemId for childern. How do I modify the above solution to cater for this scenario. Thanks again for your help.
frostcox 12-Jun-14 16:36pm View
Thank you sir, I think it was just too long a day, I followed your links and it works like a treat. Thanks again.
frostcox 3-May-14 9:16am View
Hey thanks for your help, turns out I was adding the jquery js file twice in my code, once I removed one it worked just fine...
frostcox 3-May-14 8:10am View
The break tags are not in the file thanks
frostcox 3-May-14 8:07am View
Hey all the files are being loaded correctly, I'm just getting undefined when I try access the #calender div now. The code in the Index.cshtml file is @Scripts.Render("~/Scripts/fullcalendar.js")
<div id="calendar"></div>

Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?
frostcox 3-May-14 7:28am View
Hi thanks for your reply I did as you suggested but I now get the error TypeError: $(...).fullCalendar is not a function. I have the exact same code in a web forms project and it works perfectly. Thanks again for your help.
frostcox 2-May-14 19:36pm View
I'm sorry I don't follow, #calendar is declared in the Index.cshtml, I then try access it in the calendar.js file, if you know the correct way I should be declaring it i'm open to suggestions, thanks for your help.
frostcox 13-Apr-14 16:58pm View
That I do:)
frostcox 8-Apr-14 7:45am View
Thank you sir, i will take a look at the options, appreciate the help.
frostcox 7-Apr-14 18:59pm View
Ok back to the drawing board I guess, thanks
frostcox 7-Apr-14 18:51pm View
Ok my colsole application will be a windows service, which through signalr will push notifications to the client. I am just having trouble authenticating the service. I have tried loads of different approaches to try an achieve this but no luck, I suppose I am just looking for the correct way to do this. My web application uses Forms Authentication.
frostcox 7-Apr-14 18:46pm View
I am fully aware that there are no console applications in ASP.NET, i am trying to authenticate a console application through a WCF service hosted in my web application
frostcox 7-Apr-14 18:44pm View
What are you even talking about here?
frostcox 1-Apr-14 3:40am View
Thank you so much my error has stopped. Really appreciate the help.
frostcox 1-Apr-14 3:40am View
Thank you so much my error has stopped. Really appreciate the help.
frostcox 30-Mar-14 14:06pm View
If I'm not being clear all you have to do is ask for more clarity. We're on here to receive help from more experienced developers so for you to just go around down voting questions instead of trying to help is just rude.
frostcox 30-Mar-14 14:03pm View
Yeah but I want to display the results cross tab in the same result set if that if possible?
frostcox 28-Mar-14 4:10am View
Hey thanks for your reply, I have updated my qesstion, you ask what have I tried so far, I have wrote the initial query in the question I just am unsure how to get my expected results. Thanks again
frostcox 25-Mar-14 14:29pm View
No joy :(, I have replaced the old js code with the edited one in the question above, can you please take a look and let me know where im going wrong. Thanks again.
frostcox 25-Mar-14 12:44pm View
Hey I tried that but now I can't access any of the this.options?? It says there undefined. Any ideas? Thanks again for your help.
frostcox 25-Mar-14 12:34pm View
Hey thanks, I will try that. if you look here in the js file $.notification.defaultOptions I add ClientNotificationId then I call base.options.extend to add it, then I pass it in through the json in to the js file.
frostcox 25-Mar-14 11:47am View
So the displayMessage is called from the server X amount of times depending on how many notifications there are to display.
frostcox 25-Mar-14 11:46am View
Ok I updated the question thanks
frostcox 25-Mar-14 11:34am View
I can post the entire js file if that will help.
frostcox 25-Mar-14 11:23am View
Ok I have say 3 or 4 separate notifications which each are passed to the js file in the format,
{"ClientNotificationId" : 220,
"text": "You have 1 notifications waiting to be processed. Click to view or X to remove all.",
"url": null,
"theme": "noty_theme_facebook",
"layout": "bottomRight",
"type": "alert",
"speed": 500,
"closeButton": true,
"closeOnSelfClick": true,
"closeOnSelfOver": false,
"modal": false
So each notification has its own ClientNotificationId sat 218,219, 220 etc...,
I have put various alerts in the js files to check that this Id is unique across all notifications and they all are. But when I try and capture the ClientNotificationId in the Close event it always returns the notification with 220.
frostcox 25-Mar-14 10:27am View
Hey thanks for your reply, the issue is still there. the base.options.ClientNotificationId is always the I'd of the last notification rendered to the screen even after making your change. Any more ideas?
frostcox 21-Mar-14 22:52pm View
Good answer... but I would recommend the use of using statements around any classes which implement IDisposable like SqlConnection & SqlCommand....
frostcox 21-Mar-14 22:35pm View
Can you be more specific? What type of database?
frostcox 7-Mar-14 15:18pm View
Hey there's def no extra "<" in the config file. The application runs like a treat locally its only after deployment I get the issue??
frostcox 7-Mar-14 10:37am View
Could you be more specific?
frostcox 7-Mar-14 7:47am View
Hey found the issue, it was because when I added the reference I pointed at the bin/debug folder rather than just add a reference to the actual project. Thanks for your help.
frostcox 7-Mar-14 7:15am View
Its gives out that it is trying to reference two different versions of the same DLL's bacause studio hasn't automatically changed the path from the Debug folder to the Release folder.
frostcox 7-Mar-14 6:36am View
Hi thanks for you reply, I have checked through all the settings and they are all the same, the only thing I noticed is in the References tab when I switch between Debug and Release the patch only change for some DLLs and not others
frostcox 6-Mar-14 7:48am View
Hey I added the correct DLL but not the StartUp class never gets called. Any ideas? When I try create the hub proxy I get "undefined"
frostcox 5-Mar-14 12:47pm View
The thing is when i install SignalR.Core it installs Microsoft.Owin version 2.0.2 but qhen a run the application and it reaches the Maphubs() i get the error.
frostcox 5-Mar-14 11:40am View
Yeah I have tried every way known to man and its not liking it for some reason.
frostcox 5-Feb-14 15:01pm View
Hey, that's actually a really good idea. I'm not 100% sure on the restrictions on the remote server. But if I could have that service watch the main folder and then return me a list of new files in the last X minutes that would solve my issue of having to read the whole file system for each request. Thanks for that...
frostcox 5-Feb-14 11:39am View
Hey thank you for your answer, There is just far too much code to post here and I don't think it would help even if I did post it. We basically transfer 100,000 + files a day. Currently we do as you suggest have each individual job pull the files from the remote server but there lies the problem. Say we have 10+ instances of the service running and each service is reading the remote file system which has 300,000+ files we have no control over the amount of files which are on the server and cannot delete them!!, we are just required to take the most recent. I'm thinking of having one service constantly poll the remote file system and then each instance will work off that pool of files instead of having to query the system every time.
frostcox 19-Dec-13 5:57am View
Cheers dude.
frostcox 12-Dec-13 11:37am View
Max file size is about 20 megabytes. Yeah your right it may be worth me re-thinking how I was processing the file. I will run a few tests and observe the results but your solution is by far the easiest to implement.
Thanks Again
frostcox 12-Dec-13 11:26am View
Hey thanks for you answer. If I read the whole file in and store it in memory as a string won't that take up to much memory?
frostcox 8-Oct-13 13:14pm View
Thank you sir...
frostcox 13-Sep-13 9:43am View
Hey I'm using a tool from Red Gate ANTS Memory Profiler. It is using that amount of memory, see a developer that is no longer with the company wrote the code and I have been tasked with stripping it down and finding out why its so memrory intensive...
frostcox 13-Sep-13 8:09am View
Fair enough, there's just a lot of code to post here. Thanks anyway
frostcox 13-Sep-13 6:51am View
Hey I have a trimmed down version of the project, maybe I could email it on to you and you might throw your eye over it?
frostcox 13-Sep-13 6:51am View
Hey I have a trimmed down version of the project, maybe I could email it on to you and you might throw your eye over it?
frostcox 11-Sep-13 16:56pm View
Hey its a pretty complex process, basically is a binary file with say 100+ records on each line which I need to convert to strings are then write to the database at different stages at its simplest form. There is a lot going on but I will work on putting together a trimmed down version of the code, then maybe you can help. I have been trawling the internet the last few days trying to find a solution but all articles seem to share the same opinion that a lot of strings are a bad idea..... Thanks
frostcox 10-Sep-13 9:08am View
Thanks but the way the classes are structured it not going to be a viable option.
frostcox 22-Aug-13 12:39pm View
You could join the table on to itself and get your result from that
frostcox 19-Aug-13 11:44am View
Thank you kind sir, will calling the to list on the IQueryable subscription affect when I call db.GetChangeSet??
frostcox 16-Jul-13 12:50pm View
frostcox 16-Jul-13 11:52am View
Improved :)
frostcox 25-Jun-13 7:19am View
Its not a problem as such, the query returns the data as expected, I just want guidence as to how code it better. Like should I use cte's for the sub queries or what is best practice.
frostcox 11-Jun-13 11:14am View
Well its not as such, obviously JQuery is going to set it whereever I tell it to but its just working out the best solution is the problem:)
frostcox 1-Jun-13 7:17am View
You can just loop through your datagrid like I do above and then display the average in a text box, I just showed you a real world example, need anymore help with anything let me know as I know starting out with programming can be tough!
frostcox 31-May-13 9:19am View
Hey thanks for your reply, I got it working. I just done a bit of study and learned how it all fits together, thanks again.
frostcox 27-May-13 15:26pm View
Hey your not executing your stored procedure anywhere!
frostcox 27-May-13 15:12pm View
Ok well post your code and I will amend it for you with comments to explain what I did.
frostcox 26-May-13 16:15pm View
How are you binding you data source to your dgv??
frostcox 24-May-13 21:24pm View
Give me your exact requirements and il post the solution for you!
frostcox 21-May-13 14:36pm View
Thank you kind sir.
frostcox 21-May-13 14:23pm View
Ok define, ver hello = function () {
alert('Condition met!');

in my plugin I call

error: Object doesnt support method or property 'hello'

Sorry its been a really long day:), I know im probably just calling it wrong in the plugin?
frostcox 21-May-13 13:51pm View
He yes just says hello is underfined or not an object
frostcox 21-May-13 12:38pm View
Hey excuse my ingrorance but I tried calling the this.hello() inside my plugin but I still get an error. Thanks for your help
frostcox 20-May-13 3:22am View
Hey I found a solution to this in one short query,
select DestinationId, dbo.fnSplit(DestinationName,'>',1) as Dest from dbo.Destination
WHERE CHARINDEX('>', DestinationName) > 0
SELECT DISTINCT cte.Dest , (select cast(c.DestinationId as CHAR(2)) + Char(44) from cte c
where c.Dest = cte.Dest for XML PATH(''))
FROM cte

Thanks again for your help.
frostcox 18-May-13 6:23am View
Unfortunately splitting it is not an option at the minute, I agree it's terrible design but I'm only following orders:), I was just hoping there was a quick query to return the data, that's fine il do as you suggested thanks very much!
frostcox 18-May-13 6:03am View
Hey but the name is different in my table so lets say 'Airtel > India' that is the name in the column in the database. Your query only matches exact names where I'm looking for all ids that start with the name left of the greater than sign, sorry for not being clear.
frostcox 18-May-13 5:35am View
Hey thank you so much for your reply, it still only gives single Id's. The example I have above all the names are individual entries in the same table in the data base. So for instance I need to look for all instances of lets say 'Airtel'. So there are two names which start with Airtel in that table Id's 1,9. Any idea how to display this. Thanks again for your help.
frostcox 16-May-13 15:51pm View
Hey, thanks for your reply, the client is running on my local iis running ie9. The hub class gets called initially when I call the hub.start() method I know this because I set a breakpoint in my hub class and it gets there with no error. My only problem is connecting to my hub class instance through my service which I don't know how to do. If you could help me that would be great. And sorry yeah JavaScript is enabled:)
frostcox 10-May-13 3:53am View
Hey dude, still doesn't work:(
frostcox 28-Apr-13 10:44am View
Thank you very much, exactly it!!!
frostcox 25-Apr-13 7:24am View
Cool thanks very much
frostcox 25-Apr-13 6:54am View
Hey this look like something I could really use, is the compatible with .Net 3.5 and 4.0?
frostcox 15-Apr-13 5:33am View
Hey this will be very hard to prove because he could have created an new project and copied all the files across thus making it impossible to prove if he actually wrote the code. You could question him on parts of his code, what it actually does and im sure it won't be long before he admits he didn't write it.
frostcox 29-Mar-13 19:19pm View
What have you tried? I am happy to help.
frostcox 23-Mar-13 13:35pm View
Can you show your aspx code please?
frostcox 22-Mar-13 18:51pm View
Hey is this your code and its not working or what is the issue?
frostcox 22-Mar-13 18:28pm View
Hey, ok what I can suggest is that you use alias' in your select query so instead of ("select * from student") you replace with ("select [sro] as [sro], [village] as village, [Taluka] as [Taluka1], [std9ScBoys] as [Boys], etc... From Student)
Hope this helps
frostcox 22-Mar-13 11:53am View
Inside SetRandomInfo()
set score = 0 and name = "" at the start
frostcox 22-Mar-13 11:02am View
Hi Replace dr = cmd.ExecuteReader with:
OleDbDataAdapter da = new OleDbDataAdapter(cmd);
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
da.Fill(dt);GridView1.DataSource = dt;
Also you are calling cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() after your closing your reader why?

frostcox 22-Mar-13 8:04am View
Great Explination. +5
frostcox 21-Mar-13 13:21pm View
Hey you need to replace index with your column index I.e 0 etc.........
frostcox 20-Mar-13 6:22am View
You need to load your sql data in to a datatable and set the datasource of your gridview to your datatable.
frostcox 20-Mar-13 6:18am View
Just inside your main form use, Form2 frmTwo = new Form2();
frmTwo.Show(); or frmTwo.ShowDialog();
frostcox 20-Mar-13 5:23am View
Can you be more specific please?
frostcox 20-Mar-13 4:46am View
C# or Vb?
frostcox 19-Mar-13 19:04pm View
Can you please elaborate a bit more as to what your trying to do.
frostcox 19-Mar-13 18:59pm View
;WITH cte
AS (SELECT A.paymentid,
NULL AS GuardianId,
NULL AS TransId,
FROM dceonlinepaymenttest.dbo.tblpayment A
SELECT B.paymentid,
B.payamount AS Amount,
B.status AS PayStatus,
NULL AS CardAuthorizationCode
FROM lakesidelabsqltest.dbo.tbluserpayment B)
SELECT cte.paymentid,
Sum(cte.amount) AS TotalPaidAmount
FROM cte
GROUP BY cte.paymentid,
frostcox 19-Mar-13 13:04pm View
your converting C.Paystatus to UPPERCASE and then trying to compare it to Lowercase letters?
frostcox 19-Mar-13 12:18pm View
Looks like you are trying to sum the wrong thing Replace Sum(C.Amount) as TotalPaidAmount, with (Sum(Amount)) as TotalPaidAmount
frostcox 19-Mar-13 11:41am View
Your tables have no relationship, can you please tell me what you are trying to acheive from doing this?
frostcox 19-Mar-13 11:14am View
You cannot do a union if the columns are of different datatypes.
frostcox 19-Mar-13 4:29am View
Your instanciating your class and then never using your declared reference to your business logic class.
frostcox 19-Mar-13 4:28am View
Hey replace BusinessLogicBuyer with oBusinessLogicBuyer and your in business.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 18:00pm View
Can you post what error you are getting? I wrote this free hand so I might have missed something.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 15:54pm View
Put if(dt.Rows.Count != 0)
Logic here....
And you will receive no error, your data table must have no rows so that's why your getting the error
frostcox 18-Mar-13 15:50pm View
Just loop through the datalist items and append the data on to the query string??
frostcox 18-Mar-13 15:33pm View
Hey your data table is empty so when you try to read it you get the error
frostcox 18-Mar-13 15:13pm View
Ha what question:)
frostcox 18-Mar-13 7:35am View
Good stuff, glad you got it sorted.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 6:50am View
Glad I could help.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 6:48am View
HAve you tried enabling the tabpage. Like tabPage3.Enabled = true?
frostcox 18-Mar-13 6:41am View
You need to re-create your control on every postback. Dynamic controls added to the page during a previous postback go to the garbage collector.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 6:33am View
You need to make the classes public, so Public Class Account etc....
frostcox 18-Mar-13 6:28am View
I use MigraDoc for generating PDFs its very easy to work with and creates some very nice documents.
frostcox 18-Mar-13 6:01am View
vb version sorry If dataGridView1.Rows.Count > 0 Then
dataGridView1.Rows(index).DefaultCellStyle.Font = New System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 10, FontStyle.Bold)
dataGridView1.DefaultCellStyle.SelectionForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Black
End If
frostcox 18-Mar-13 5:52am View
That is very strange, it looks like you grid is disabled so try setting that to enabled, failing that what I can suggest you do is after you set the datasource in the code behind do something like this if (dataGridView1.Rows.Count > 0)
dataGridView1.Rows[index].DefaultCellStyle.Font = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 10, FontStyle.Bold);
dataGridView1.DefaultCellStyle.SelectionForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Black;
frostcox 18-Mar-13 5:13am View
Hey in design view click on the little triangle at the top right of the datagrid, go to Edit Columns and check that the DataPropertyName is set for each individual column.
frostcox 17-Mar-13 19:18pm View
Suppose you could check the person table before you preform any inserts of updates for the PersonId?
frostcox 17-Mar-13 18:31pm View
Hey are you trying to disable the whole form? Where do you want to do this I.e after a button click of form load?
frostcox 17-Mar-13 18:18pm View
Either way here you won't be able to insert duplicate records in you database with the same ids, can you elaborate a bit more as to what your trying to achieve and post some code so I can take a look for you?
frostcox 17-Mar-13 17:07pm View
Hey what are you looking for here, an SQL statement to insert the values in to a database or am I miss understanding the question?
frostcox 17-Mar-13 16:49pm View
Have you got AutogenerateColumns set to true or false?
frostcox 17-Mar-13 12:14pm View
Please check your code, it will not compile
frostcox 17-Mar-13 12:00pm View
frostcox 17-Mar-13 10:45am View
Cool always nice to get a good bit of advice every now and again, cheers.
frostcox 17-Mar-13 10:44am View
The query looks fine can you show us the code from which you call the stored procedure?
frostcox 17-Mar-13 10:41am View
Your user_id cannot be 0 as there must be a foreign key constraint between the 2 tables
frostcox 15-Mar-13 10:35am View
CHill60 is right, you are always only going to return 1 record with your SQL query, you need to change this and your code will be fine.
frostcox 15-Mar-13 8:03am View
Hey very hard to explain, here's a step by step process of setting it up.
frostcox 15-Mar-13 6:56am View
Hey there is a different one I use for Internet Explorer, will tell you exactly what the error is
frostcox 15-Mar-13 6:27am View
Hey yes I use this every day, what do you need to know?
frostcox 15-Mar-13 6:08am View
Can you show you code so I can see whats going on
frostcox 15-Mar-13 4:48am View
Hey I don't know much about Access but it looks to me that you are closing your connection to the database after the first insert in the loop.
frostcox 15-Mar-13 4:44am View
Hey he is simply saying use, PageNumber = (int)e.CommandArgument - 1.
frostcox 15-Mar-13 4:40am View
Hey have you thought about using jquery to validate these textboxes?
frostcox 15-Mar-13 4:36am View
Hey you need to set the DataSource of the GridView to the DataTable you return.

Then in the RowDataBound event of the gridview set the PostBackUrl of the desired column using an anchor tag. If you need any more help i'm happy to help
frostcox 14-Mar-13 18:59pm View
Hey you need to change the condition in your if statement to If txtClockHour.Text.Trim() <> String.Empty And txtClockHour.Text.Trim() <> String.Empty Then .... If you need any more help I'm happy to help.
frostcox 13-Mar-13 18:09pm View
Try removing the dll and re-adding it, I had this error a few weeks back with a different dll and that worked for me.
frostcox 13-Mar-13 18:00pm View
Hey you have a couple of options here. For the overall average in main() under where you get the proAvg declare a double dOverAllAvg =(exAvg + hwAvg + labAvg + parAvg + proAvg) / 5, then just display the message to the user using another console.writeline("message here" + dOverAllAvg.toString()). Hope this helps
frostcox 11-Mar-13 16:29pm View
Hey thank you for your reply.
frostcox 11-Mar-13 16:29pm View
Hey thank you so much for your reply.
frostcox 9-Mar-13 12:33pm View
Thank you my friend!
frostcox 14-Feb-13 11:01am View
Hey the query returns about 4000 rows so I don't think its a massive chunk of data. Yeah there is a good bit of aggregation that happens in the report but if I leave out one of the destinationgroups it runs fine?? Any ideas?
frostcox 10-Feb-13 16:34pm View
Hey could you please include the steps, thank you.
frostcox 16-Jan-13 14:49pm View
Thank you so much!!
frostcox 3-Jan-13 9:10am View
Hey I am using a utility called PDF Sharp it is very usefull and easy to create PDF's. I have been using it to generate bills and statements that look pretty cool too.
frostcox 18-Dec-12 7:59am View
Thank you so much sir.
frostcox 17-Dec-12 4:44am View
Hey please look at
frostcox 17-Dec-12 4:40am View
Hey can you explian more clearly what you are after?, are you looking for popups to be displayed on screen, emails to be sent?
frostcox 29-Nov-12 11:53am View
Hey I got it working by enclosing the ('modal').reveal insind a seperate method and calling it onClientClick, but I have another problem, The CommandName="Update" is getting fired before I have time to read the result from the modal. thanks
frostcox 25-Nov-12 17:21pm View
Hey thanks for your response, I will try and find where the signatures are stored, from there it's pretty straight forward to figure it out, thanks again.
frostcox 25-Nov-12 17:19pm View
I've have my application sending standard smtp mails but they don't have the signature.
frostcox 23-Nov-12 3:50am View
Hey thank you very much, the file must be encrypted as when I use the GEtEncoding it says UTF8 but when I decode it is still un-readable. Thanks for your help.
frostcox 19-Nov-12 3:31am View
Hey thank you for your reply, yeas you are right when I set AutoGenerateColumns="false" all the borders show. But that still leaves me with the problem as I don't need to display all the columns as some columns are id's that I need upon saving and drilldown to next screen. thanks
frostcox 12-Nov-12 10:42am View
Yeah that makes sense, but surely there is an event on the dropdown that you could call to close it. Maybe im just being silly here, anyway thanks for your help.
frostcox 12-Nov-12 6:22am View
When you select the dropdown list it shows say 20 items, I want to close the list once the mouse leaves the list items. Cheers
frostcox 11-Nov-12 12:07pm View
Hey sorry it took so long to accept your answer, you were right, the wpf was referenced in most of the files so I just deleted all the references and it worked like a treat.
frostcox 9-Nov-12 10:40am View
Hey I had a chance to test this out and it is not hiding the dropdown on mouse out, any other ideas?
frostcox 9-Nov-12 7:32am View
Yeah cool makes sense, il implement this when I get a chance and accept your solution, thanks for your help.
frostcox 9-Nov-12 4:53am View
Hey sorry for not accepting your solution sooner, you were right, it turns out that one of our developers had hardcoded the image tag values so they were getting overwritten thank you so much.
frostcox 31-Oct-12 16:17pm View
:) yeah il have a good look through it and try find out where it is, thank you.
frostcox 26-Oct-12 11:28am View
select * from Subscription s inner Join
PermissionGroup pg on s.SubscriberLinkId = pg.PermissionGroupId inner join
DeliverFileSetting df on df.DeliverFileSettingId on s.SubscriptionLinkId
where @PermissionGroupId = SubscriberLinkId

Thanks very much for your help
frostcox 26-Oct-12 10:45am View
Hey where exactly do I place this code. The DataContext.SubmitChanges is where I want to track the progress but I can't seem to do it.
frostcox 23-Oct-12 4:55am View
Hey thanks very much I have it working. really apreciate your help.
frostcox 23-Oct-12 4:22am View
The validation, it goes in to 4 different tables for each record in the grid, the grid could have 1000's of records at a tile so this is whats taking the time.
frostcox 23-Oct-12 4:19am View
Hey what you mean by BackgroundWorker1.RunWorkerAsync() [where evere you want to put]
do I not need to do that in the Constructor?
frostcox 23-Oct-12 4:14am View
ok the app has a datagrid which loads the data from a file, when the user is happy with the details of the grid they press save then a whole lot of validation takes place and then inserts in to the relevent tables in the database.
frostcox 23-Oct-12 4:07am View
Thanks very much for your reply, only issue I have is that in the worker_DoWork method it's not possible to do the loop to report the progress as this is where I will need to upload the data. Thanks
frostcox 23-Oct-12 3:56am View
Task loads data from a file and then inserts in to a database.
frostcox 23-Oct-12 3:44am View
Hey thanks for your reply, I have checked the files and there are no duplicate class names in the CSS files. Our application can only be ran on IE so I cannot use Firebug. This is a very strange one. Any more ideas? Thanks very much.
frostcox 12-Sep-12 7:42am View
Ok only problem I am having is that the PermissionGroupObj is an autogenerated class that I don't really want to go messing with in case it has a knock on affect.
frostcox 12-Sep-12 7:24am View
Hi I tried this approach but I get an IEqualityComparer exception.
frostcox 12-Sep-12 7:13am View
Sorry about that.
frostcox 1-Sep-12 15:02pm View
Hi bill, thank you so much for your kind response.
frostcox 30-Aug-12 14:52pm View
Yeah when I hit restore sorry
frostcox 30-Aug-12 14:51pm View
I have tried these but nothing works. The controls get hidden behind a data grid that's on the form. Even when I put autoscroll to true they are still hidden.
frostcox 21-Aug-12 18:19pm View
Worked a treat thanks very much
frostcox 21-Aug-12 9:28am View
+222 345 2345 will be the format. Thanks
frostcox 21-Aug-12 8:51am View
But the number won't always have a + sign
frostcox 21-Aug-12 8:35am View
The format of my phone number will be +233 678 7890, so will this take care of this? cheers.
frostcox 16-Aug-12 8:43am View
Ok turns out I had to do this if (value == 5) {
$get('<%= cboCarrier.ClientID %>').style.display = "block";