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Comments by Kabwla.Phone (Top 30 by date)

Kabwla.Phone 13-Feb-12 8:26am View    
I would not know, I have only used it in winform environments.
Kabwla.Phone 13-Feb-12 5:56am View    
Assembly mscorlib.dll, v4.0.30319

namespace System.Collections.Generic

public class List<t>
Kabwla.Phone 2-Dec-11 10:43am View    
The website already warned me that this tip was 'very long', merging the tips would only make it longer.

I was thinking about creating some sort of small series of tips (something like 'making life better with extensions') but only formalize this if a had actually written a few of them down.

Perphaps the 'Tips' section is not the correct place for this idea, in which case I am open to suggestions.
Kabwla.Phone 1-Dec-11 3:48am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Much easier to remember than the other alternatives.
Kabwla.Phone 28-Nov-11 5:56am View    
The code has undergone several revisions and optimizations.
The original code made by rj45 used an additional function named 'GetSubControls'. The latest revision of the code, (from my hand, for which rj45 is yet still to credit or thank me) no longer needs this function.

Check out Alternative1 which gives you the option to go dept-first or width first, depending on your needs.