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nitrous_007 15-Mar-18 12:22pm View
My understanding is the Tool Window is supposed to go away automatically under debugging because debugging has a separate view. I am not sure how to call the tool window during debugging. I probably will have to write an event handler for it I want to do it.
nitrous_007 19-Feb-18 16:51pm View
Thanks. I will let one of the senior developers know and get his opinion. I hate defines generally unless they are simple. I have seen some of the cases where they can go wrong. Its not my code but i have to take care of this code for the time being.
nitrous_007 16-Feb-18 8:11am View
I understand it now. It was just #define identifier ( identifieropt,...,identifieropt)token-stringopt in the link you posted.

So in 1 occasion, page crashed. Other occasion page was hanging for 2 minutes. Its probably not a bug, just a resource problem.
nitrous_007 15-Feb-18 15:05pm View
Sorry when I say it was 'my code' I meant company code. Its not my code. I see about a 100 functions defined like above. I am just trying to understand what it means.

Also sorry about the double post. I tried to post and codeproject gave me an error and I though my original post didnt post. I deleted the older post. Codeproject seems slow and a little buggy. When i try to delete my original post, it kept spinning. I had to refresh the page manually to see that post was deleted. My internet and browser(Chrome) are good and dont have any issues at work before.
nitrous_007 31-Jan-18 15:21pm View
Will report to Microsoft
nitrous_007 30-Jan-18 11:57am View
List out the exact location of the executable and the steps you are performing (list step by step in detail) to execute the program. That would help narrow down the issue.
nitrous_007 29-Jan-18 10:39am View
It could be. Is that the normal behavior for VSIX tool for the tool window GUI to flash and reset so as to recover from the exception? This is my first time working with VSIX project.
nitrous_007 29-Jan-18 10:26am View
Yes. It might be that in the worker thread work completed thread, I am not checking if error is not null . I added that. Before this I couldn’t identify a crash in the output log when I run and it only crashed once in a while so tough to debug.
nitrous_007 25-Jan-18 23:25pm View
Change the title of your question to something more relevant. Rooms is something only relevant to you. If somebody sees the title of the question, they would have no idea what you are talking about.
nitrous_007 21-May-17 12:45pm View
nitrous_007 20-May-17 22:58pm View
I am getting confused by the description of your issue. Remove everything about your particular application- remember you don't care to tell us about that. Stick to description of the code only. For example. I have a Form1 which opens Form2. When I click a button on Form2, I want it to trigger an even in Form1 etc etc
nitrous_007 17-May-17 21:15pm View
Thank you
nitrous_007 29-Aug-15 2:25am View
I need to do it for my application. This is for testing devices and all the devices attached to each network card have the same IP. currently I can do ping, snmp by binding to network card however does not work.

I guess if not I have to find another HTTP control. I do have another way to do the bind but it will take some time. The System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser was already implemented by another engineer for one interface and I was trying to see if there is a way to reuse it.

Please let me know
nitrous_007 27-Aug-14 9:38am View
Did you ever see an issue where you had only 1 thread running, you saw the reply in wireshark but your program is not able to capture it?
nitrous_007 26-Aug-14 19:05pm View
How many threads do you have running talking to how many ethernet destinations?
Are you able to recreate the issue with just one thread?
nitrous_007 26-Aug-14 17:47pm View
Hi Soderlund,
I tried just one thread only and am able to reproduce the bug but only randomly. When I see that my bigger application is seeing the bug, I close the bigger app down and start a small test app where its only running 1 thread. I can see that after i send the data, wireshark is able to see it but my async callback is not reporting it. I have tried to do a send and receive without any callbacks synchronously and that has the same results. After 10 minutes of no operation, everything works normally which is very weird.

Now I am wondering if there are issues with the computer itself. I have 2 other machines running without any problems. I do have 4 ethernet cards with a total of 16 ports on the computer. I am talking to 4 ethernet ports at the same time but am able to recreate the issue with one thread. i know that sometimes when there are a lot of ethernet cards are present on the same computer, there can be issues on the computer. I am wondering if a driver update or windows update i did caused the issues. I know the other computers dont have this issue. I have about 300 pc's with some windows updated and some not. So Its kind of hard for me to figure it out if windows update has to do anything with it. any thoughts?
nitrous_007 22-Aug-14 13:23pm View
I figured out they are only talking about the callback EndReceive and BeginReceive above.
nitrous_007 22-Aug-14 9:07am View
I use a library from SNMPsharpnet. The library is closing the socket after the SNMP operation is done. Should i change it?
nitrous_007 24-Jul-14 21:47pm View
Thanks unfortunately No. The problem remains. I guess nobody does this kind of coding.
nitrous_007 20-Jul-14 15:39pm View
I did find something. I have to set Socket Options before the bind to get socket options to be working. I was setting Socket options after bind but this is alternative code I tried. I will try this alternative code again with the fix
nitrous_007 20-Jul-14 12:34pm View
Ok. but I see delivery in wire-shark. So I am expecting the packet to captured in my socket also. What could be happening here?
nitrous_007 19-Jul-14 11:03am View

Section 4. Subsection 1

nitrous_007 18-Jul-14 23:19pm View
What is this? WinForms or WPF?
nitrous_007 7-May-14 17:39pm View
I agree that time, money, motivation etc are all factors. Too many hours are wasted by trying to write perfect code :)
nitrous_007 7-May-14 9:04am View
Hi,Does the separate processes use more memory? I am familiar with CLR and PInvoke but I would have to convince the other team to change it.
nitrous_007 7-May-14 9:02am View
This is not my project but another teams. I am trying to understand why this scenario is bad from a programming perspective for an application.
Also the other team mentioned that they were having issues keeping up user demand. I am familiar with the their architecture. So that's why i am posting the question
nitrous_007 7-May-14 0:09am View
I dont have to port it to C#. I could call the C++ code as CLR from C#. I just need to know if its worth it.
nitrous_007 6-May-14 23:52pm View
excuse me?
nitrous_007 15-Apr-13 19:23pm View
Ok I will keep reading about it.
nitrous_007 15-Apr-13 19:03pm View
If I create the a class derived from Exception and use it, what is the advantage over the following scenario-
Instead of creating another class, I just store the errorCode and error Strings in some variables and return gracefully from the program.
Is the Exception class just a good way of wrapping up the errorCode and errorString in a nice way? What other advantages would I get from an exception derived class?
nitrous_007 15-Apr-13 17:39pm View
I am not that much of an expert. So here is my attempt at digressing this information-
So are you saying that we should limit the number of try catches and put them in a higher level instead of putting the try catch in a very low level in the program?
What about other errors that are not exceptions?
nitrous_007 15-Apr-13 9:31am View
You mean return an exception object? instead of an integer or just use it get error information
nitrous_007 14-Apr-13 23:10pm View
Thanks i would be interested to know this also.
Does this seem to be accurate using your wireless adapter?
nitrous_007 5-Apr-13 20:32pm View
Thank you. Appreciate your help!! I am going to buy some books on Threading also.
nitrous_007 5-Apr-13 20:25pm View
That is exactly what the Java book said..If there is compiler optimization etc, the computer might have 2 copies of isEnd and it might never be synchronized. Thanks I will look up compiler optimization.