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Bassam Abdul-Baki 13-Dec-16 6:48am View
Emulating web navigation is probably not the way, but AutoIt[^] should do it.

I've also used KiXtart[^] and AutoHotkey[^].
Bassam Abdul-Baki 11-Sep-13 17:36pm View
I'm curious, is this part of something you're building or only interested in the end result? ImageMagick can do all this for you (I think).
Bassam Abdul-Baki 11-Sep-13 13:18pm View
I noticed that. The only things I noticed different where the missing optional DSE parameter (i.e., Opacity) and you were using a Stream instead of a FileStream.

Also, is it possible that these have to be done in reverse order (i.e., Start with the transparent image and overlay (or print) source image.)?

P.S. - No idea what I'm talking about here. :D
Bassam Abdul-Baki 5-Aug-13 12:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Not quite there yet. Add a hundred rows so that you have more than a page full and scroll to the bottom to right-click. The context menu is always at the top page.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 19-Apr-12 8:59am View
Some sample data would make it easier to understand the problem.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 6-Jul-11 8:25am View
You can easily replace the two column data with each of the five pairs of data to update the chart automatically. Are you looking to do this using a programming language or what? What do you mean by using the template as an input? An input where?
Bassam Abdul-Baki 11-Feb-11 8:57am View
True, but maybe he can convince whoever to switch to .NET.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 11-Feb-11 8:19am View
You're right. This <a href="">link</a> has a source code example in VB.Net. Looks to me like VB6 articles are slowly disappearing.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 21-Jan-11 9:50am View
Not really. I've never had a need for it and I don't have Visual Studio handy to test it out. Just search on the keywords that they use for other examples.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 19-Jan-11 7:10am View
Bassam Abdul-Baki 19-Jan-11 6:10am View
That was a feature when it used to be an OCX in MFC. Why is that an important requirement?
Bassam Abdul-Baki 18-Jan-11 8:04am View
Did you look at SourceGrid? I updated my answer.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 14-Jan-11 8:00am View
He's talking about the Microsoft Management Console, I think.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 19-Nov-10 6:23am View
Sorry, but you're going to have to convert it to whatever language you want yourself. Most of the code is rudimentary. Just try to understand the rotation part. It's not that complex.
Bassam Abdul-Baki 18-Nov-10 9:23am View
I'd suggest changing your thumbs down icon to the thumbs up one for helpful replies.

Please provide "Vote" Thumbs Down if this would be helpful....