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Comments by nishantcomp2512 (Top 14 by date)

nishantcomp2512 14-Mar-12 8:56am View
can you able to explain more?with ajax,
nishantcomp2512 13-Feb-12 8:21am View
is this program display Press any key to continue.
then might having your data is blank.
nishantcomp2512 13-Feb-12 7:47am View
replace \ with \\.might work...
nishantcomp2512 27-Dec-11 7:47am View
just inserting a row..
nishantcomp2512 27-Dec-11 7:10am View
take a look towards
nishantcomp2512 27-Dec-11 6:35am View
can you able to give more details??
nishantcomp2512 21-Dec-11 1:05am View
while inserting into database file name is not enough you have to store a whole path if you are storing files in more than one location.
nishantcomp2512 15-Nov-11 0:54am View
can you able to explain what is the exact error or its an exeption?
nishantcomp2512 10-Nov-11 8:36am View
means its correct selection...
nishantcomp2512 10-Nov-11 7:20am View
debug and check what the value of DropDownList1.SelectedItem.ToString()
nishantcomp2512 10-Nov-11 7:05am View
so what you want to do????
nishantcomp2512 10-Nov-11 6:55am View
have you use property of thread "isbackground=true"?
nishantcomp2512 10-Nov-11 6:54am View
have you use any property of thread like "isBackground=true" ?
nishantcomp2512 18-Oct-11 1:46am View
you can add that code to your web application.