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Comments by Michael____ (Top 11 by date)

Michael____ 7-Feb-20 6:46am View    
thanks for the hint, the Sleep was only an example to see what happens ;-)
Michael____ 8-Feb-19 13:18pm View    
Thank you very much for the explanation. I was aware about these circumstances but I thought there was a kind of defined order how the AddressList property will be filled.
Michael____ 8-Feb-19 13:10pm View    
Thank you very much! The article behind the link answered my question.
Michael____ 8-Feb-19 9:48am View    
With the "correct" one I mean the IP that I get if I use the Ping command in the CMD
console. And that leads me to another question: How is Ping.exe detecting the IP of the target computer if I´m pinging a computer name which I never pinged before?

Is it something like that?:
- Ping sends an WHOIS as broadcast
- DNS server answers
- Ping now knows the IP and is pinging it
Michael____ 30-Jan-19 15:22pm View    
Yes, I know. I simply forgot it and Visual Studio doesn´t show a hint regarding this. But thanks anyway!