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Comments by raj ch (Top 73 by date)

raj ch 13-Dec-13 1:35am View
use update panel to refresh ur gridview
raj ch 3-Dec-13 6:30am View
did u find the solution???
raj ch 30-Sep-13 3:50am View
raj ch 26-Aug-13 5:38am View
use third party tools like itextsharp,PdfSharp etc.
raj ch 12-Aug-13 6:24am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n NICE
raj ch 7-Aug-13 5:26am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice
raj ch 1-Aug-13 6:17am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice one
raj ch 31-Jul-13 4:14am View
raj ch 29-Jul-13 3:30am View
Gridview doesn't have scroll option better u use panel or div
raj ch 29-Jul-13 3:23am View
write that code page load event
raj ch 26-Jul-13 7:06am View
may be crystal report version mismatch
raj ch 6-Jul-13 6:11am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice one
raj ch 4-Jul-13 4:31am View
raj ch 1-Jul-13 7:32am View
use blob field in database
raj ch 27-Jun-13 6:06am View
or else pdf printers which automatically converts ur page to pdf
like dopdf
raj ch 21-Jun-13 3:19am View
use a subreport to bind the image.
raj ch 11-Jun-13 6:19am View
-post ur code
raj ch 9-Apr-13 6:48am View
width is increased by just dragging that field
raj ch 5-Apr-13 2:42am View
yes u r right
raj ch 4-Apr-13 8:21am View
gridview1.rows.count gives u the count
raj ch 4-Apr-13 8:20am View
why dont u use readonly property of textbox
raj ch 4-Apr-13 8:18am View
check data binding to gridview is in page load or not
raj ch 4-Apr-13 8:15am View
add in web.xml
<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms loginUrl="~/Account/Login.aspx" timeout="2880"/>
raj ch 29-Mar-13 4:49am View
thanks a lot it works for me
raj ch 28-Mar-13 7:50am View
check whether data is binding to gridview in pageload
raj ch 27-Mar-13 6:51am View
U gave an and condition. If any one textbox value is null data is not added into gridview
raj ch 27-Mar-13 6:34am View
check whether the function which calls ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript is been called by page load
raj ch 27-Mar-13 6:32am View
Its better to check individual textboxes whether they are empty
raj ch 27-Mar-13 6:30am View
check update panel update mode="Condional" or not
raj ch 13-Mar-13 6:31am View
right click on crystal report
goto database
open show sql query
select that query and check whether ur getting data for that query.
I guess table were not linked properly.
raj ch 6-Mar-13 5:49am View
change updatemode="conditional" for updatepanel
raj ch 16-Feb-13 3:53am View
oh fine
raj ch 16-Feb-13 3:29am View
try this one System.Environment.NewLine
I am not sure that it works.
raj ch 16-Feb-13 3:11am View
chr(10) is New line converting to html New Line character
chr(32) is space in vb converting to html space character
I used it in my application it is working fine
raj ch 4-Feb-13 6:53am View
raj ch 4-Feb-13 6:45am View
url = "../Lab Reports/LabReports_MB.aspx?ORDNO=" & pOrdNo.ToString & "&ORDDTLNO=" & pOrdDtlNo.ToString
raj ch 4-Feb-13 6:44am View
url = str & pOrdNo.ToString & "&ORDDTLNO=" & pOrdDtlNo.ToString
raj ch 25-Aug-12 2:14am View
raj ch 17-Aug-12 5:53am View
add modalpopupextender
raj ch 7-Jul-12 6:06am View
can u be more clear
raj ch 6-Apr-12 6:36am View
i have one more doubt

everything is working fine. how can i print it in landscape.
raj ch 5-Apr-12 6:25am View
thank u soooooo much Uma Shankar ji
raj ch 16-Dec-11 5:15am View
If u have any queries u can let me know
raj ch 14-Dec-11 2:21am View
Have u set the autoPostBack Event of the checkbox true.
raj ch 14-Dec-11 2:12am View
my vote of 5
raj ch 13-Dec-11 3:53am View
formalization is the best technique to be remembered while coding. my vote of 5
raj ch 1-Dec-11 1:09am View
can u be more clear. do u want to display net amount in gridview or u want mathematical formula
raj ch 28-Nov-11 4:28am View
May be the value ur trying to convert is not in correct format
raj ch 11-Nov-11 3:00am View
can u be clear. if u wanted to hide controls then use visible=false.
raj ch 9-Nov-11 1:40am View
nice link
my vote of 5
raj ch 7-Nov-11 2:15am View
thanks RaviRanjanKr
raj ch 24-Oct-11 6:12am View
if it help u mark it as answer
raj ch 22-Oct-11 1:49am View
my vote of 5
raj ch 21-Oct-11 5:04am View
my vote of 5
raj ch 21-Oct-11 5:03am View
Reason for my vote of 1
raj ch 21-Oct-11 3:11am View
My vote of 5
raj ch 19-Oct-11 7:04am View
can u be more clear
raj ch 19-Oct-11 2:23am View
May be u havent closed <asp:content> tags properly.It would be better if u have posted ur code
raj ch 19-Oct-11 2:08am View
my vote of 5
raj ch 19-Oct-11 2:02am View
post ur code
raj ch 10-Oct-11 7:52am View
can u be more clear???
raj ch 10-Oct-11 2:08am View
my vote 5
raj ch 4-Oct-11 3:17am View
nice link prerak patel
raj ch 3-Oct-11 3:44am View
my vote of 5
If famous sites are not built up with ,it doesnt mean that is used nowhere.
raj ch 26-Sep-11 3:11am View
can u be more clear???
raj ch 26-Sep-11 1:59am View
my vote of 5
raj ch 17-Sep-11 1:54am View
nice link Thiyagarajan.
raj ch 9-Sep-11 1:42am View
Can u give me some example.Problem is time format will be hh:mm i cant make textbox enabled. User need to enter data manually,but , at the same time i need increment and decrement buttons also.
raj ch 6-Sep-11 4:42am View
Create a table and place dropdownlist in one row and crystalreport viewer in another row.
U can use float in Style sheet.
still u didnt get post ur code
raj ch 5-Sep-11 3:29am View
Thanks Abhinav. U saved me alot
raj ch 31-Aug-11 1:55am View
No one could have thought in this way.
nice Question? makes us to think?
raj ch 27-Aug-11 1:45am View
raj ch 18-Aug-11 6:12am View
yeah definitely it will work. after rowCreated event only row databound event will fire