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koteswararao_m 16-Jul-12 2:24am View    
Thanku nelson. i solved my problem by changing the binding behavior of zoomboxpanel and zoomboxslider.
previously its like we need to bind panel to slider. new i changed such a way to bind slider to panel so that i can bind slider for both the panels.

any way thank you so much for your suggsitions
koteswararao_m 28-Jun-12 8:33am View    
Hi abhinav

Thanks for your reply. but that does'nt solve my problem.

my collection is as fallows

collection<item> subitems;

collection<item> items

here datacontext is items. i need to set items.subitems (subitems from all items) which is not possible as told above.
koteswararao_m 13-Jun-12 2:08am View    
Hi Sandeep.

Thanks for your response. zoomboxslider is a third party control. here my doubt is not about the control. its about how to bind. as given in the above line, i want to bind the depencency property(zoombox-property) of a zoolslider-control with the child control of imageviewer.(zoombox-control is a sub control in imageviewer).

normally if both zoomslider and zoombox are in same window then <zoomboxslider zoombox="{Binding ElementName=zoomBox}"> is working fine . but if the zoomBox control is in another usercontrol placed in window then how to bind that with the dependency property of the zoom slider
koteswararao_m 13-Jun-12 1:22am View    
Thank you so much AdamDavidHill
koteswararao_m 5-Jun-12 1:43am View    
Hi AdamDavidHill,

Thanks for giving me reply on my doubt. In my case the number of levels are unpredictable, it might be more 2. already i am using a tree-view to visualize that collection. as part of another view i need to bind the same collection to a list-box where i need to show all the items in a single level.
Is it possible with list-view ?. if not can u please suggest any other control where i can show all the items of the hierarchical collection as the items of a Control whose items panel can be Wrap-panel.