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Raje_ 10-Jan-19 21:57pm View
Why are you using colon(:) character in your path? : is not allowed in the path of the url.
Raje_ 8-Jul-16 2:05am View
Raje_ 25-May-16 5:39am View
Did you mean you want to encrypt your page view source? right?
Raje_ 25-May-16 3:09am View
I am sorry I am not able to paste the code correctly. It seems there are some issue submitting answer. Eg. I am writing @{foreach but it shows @{}oreach. :(
Raje_ 25-May-16 2:36am View
Do you mean you want to change src attribute of Script tag using Javascript?
Raje_ 23-May-16 8:27am View
Raje_ 18-May-16 2:57am View
You have done typo mistake. See your ID is "DropDownList1" and your codebehind code is "Dropdownlist1". Focus on d.
Raje_ 18-May-16 0:13am View
try the edited solution.
Raje_ 11-May-16 3:11am View
What error exactly are you getting? Did you check if you have not added system.webserver twice? if there is already code writted for webserver and static content, you need to add only mimemap section.
Raje_ 6-May-16 1:14am View
Raje_ 6-May-16 0:42am View
Show only top 10 or 50 records.
Raje_ 5-May-16 7:47am View
I did. :)
Raje_ 5-May-16 5:24am View
ASP.NET is a technology to write programs. And ASP.NET application is an application which is created using ASP.NET technology.
Raje_ 5-May-16 2:55am View
Even now i will ask you to go through those links. You have lot to learn yet :)
My best wishes to you.
Raje_ 5-May-16 2:52am View
You did not go through the links i have provided. Did you?
Raje_ 5-May-16 2:50am View
Did you add ShowFooter="true" to your grid view???
Raje_ 5-May-16 2:07am View
check my edited answer. You see i have taken separate footer template for button.
Raje_ 5-May-16 1:55am View
This is your homework. Isn't it?
Raje_ 4-May-16 2:06am View
even if it is in gridview it will work. did you try first code i have given. make sure you add common class for textbox.
Raje_ 4-May-16 1:59am View
So what is the issue? You will get the id after running this code. Do you want to get all text box ids at same time when you fire keyup event on any text box?
if so then use this :
$(document).ready(function() {
$('.commanClass').keyup(function() {
$('.commanClass').each(function() {
var $id = $(this).attr("id");
var value = $(this).val();
Raje_ 4-May-16 1:36am View
What type of error you are getting??? Did you debug? Is your sql connection open?
Raje_ 3-May-16 0:54am View
Is subbut_Click(String fileName, String tableName) your button click event or just a normal method?
Raje_ 3-May-16 0:41am View
Did you try like this?
System.Drawing.Image imageToBeResized = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(file.PostedFile.InputSteam);
Raje_ 3-May-16 0:40am View
Did you try like this?
System.Drawing.Image imageToBeResized = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(file.PostedFile.InputSteam);
Raje_ 29-Apr-16 4:49am View
But I can see your header background image. Is it a specific browser issue?
Raje_ 29-Apr-16 3:11am View
I think you missed the point. Please check other solutions. :)
Raje_ 29-Apr-16 2:14am View
+5. BTW who has downvoted it. I don't find any reason to downvote.
Raje_ 29-Apr-16 0:25am View
what do you want from us???
Raje_ 25-Apr-16 6:16am View
So Is it written somewhere that beginner should not try? :)
Raje_ 11-Mar-16 1:32am View
Nothing will work. Not even your website. You are creating website not windows app. :)
Raje_ 4-Mar-16 8:01am View
Are you sure it's not working. Have you written your code correctly?
Raje_ 14-Jan-16 5:05am View
Now you are being rude. He is just trying to help you. If you don't do your homework yourself. You can't develop problem solving technique.
Raje_ 14-Jan-16 1:32am View
Share your view page code. Did you mean for fifth one you are getting null??
Raje_ 13-Jan-16 6:14am View
By writing codes.
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 7:57am View
also can you share your IsNameExists method?
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 5:49am View
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 5:47am View
One thing i noticed you have not closed your custom validator. :(
close that using /asp:CustomValidator
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 5:40am View
No need to panic. It happens with everybody. I have created one small solution. I edited my answer. It is working perfectly. So it seems your code is correct. there is something else on your form that is causing issue. you can check it just create a demo solution and use same code for custom validation.
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 5:20am View
I see you are validating fileupload. Is your fileupload control in UpdatePanel? If it is true. then file upload control will not work inside update panel.
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 5:13am View
No you should check this in your code behind.
Raje_ 12-Jan-16 1:18am View
Wow some one down voted without giving any reason... :(
Raje_ 5-Jan-16 10:06am View
Thank you.
Raje_ 30-Dec-15 8:35am View
Use UpdatePanel..
Raje_ 30-Dec-15 8:24am View
One more thing you can do is you can build your string separated by | instead of comma.
Raje_ 29-Dec-15 7:52am View
Do you mean nested data grid view?
Raje_ 29-Dec-15 6:37am View
It is always good to use stored procedure.
Raje_ 29-Dec-15 3:56am View
full code???
Raje_ 28-Dec-15 8:05am View
try my edited answer and see if it works or not.
Raje_ 28-Dec-15 7:25am View
Repeating your question will not help. You should have improved your last question.
Any ways check this thread :
Raje_ 28-Dec-15 5:56am View
I have not down voted this yet but why php?
Raje_ 28-Dec-15 5:28am View
try this way :
select sum(amt) as amt, sum(amt1) as amt1 from yourtable group by month
Raje_ 28-Dec-15 4:55am View
Where is your Model.Dsr_Req_Client ? this "Dsr_Req_Client" suppose to hold your dropdownlist value. you don't know how to bind or you are getting any error while binding?
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 7:31am View
Can you please try this and see if it works :

DetailDB.Where(x => x.DateWorked.Value.Date == null || x.DateWorked.Value.Date == DateTime.Now.Date);
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 7:17am View
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 6:29am View
Please copy your full code of wizard steps. Then only i will get any idea.
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 6:29am View
Please paste your full code of wizard all steps. then only i will get an idea.
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 6:21am View
Do you wanna open test.html page as a pop up or simply you want to redirect to this page?
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 5:53am View
I am deleting my answer. And I apologize for same. And my answer will be deleted in 10 9 8 7 .......
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 5:52am View
I am deleting my answer. And I apologize for same. And my answer will be deleted in 10 9 8 7 .......
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 5:37am View
Put your jquery and script codes inside head tag.
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 5:36am View
Sorry, I was just telling him "how to find the answer". :)
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 5:32am View
Debug in firebug you will see what type of error is coming.
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 4:34am View
What error you are getting?
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 2:54am View
So what is the issue, the error clearly says that you are trying to convert a varchar type which has value 'text1' to int type.
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 2:26am View
which type of grid are you using? Is it kendo grid or web grid?
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 2:22am View
Question is not clear. selected text means what?
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 2:06am View
You just did his homework. :)
Raje_ 24-Dec-15 2:02am View
Your question is not clear.
Raje_ 21-Dec-15 8:15am View
Why are you re-posting your question? If you have any doubt regarding answer you can use "Have a question or comment" section to ask your doubt. :)
Raje_ 21-Dec-15 8:06am View
I am sorry, I did not get what do you mean. If You don't want to fire onindex change event on drop down change then set AutoPostBack property to false. again i am just guessing here. Could you please be more specific about your requirements.
Raje_ 21-Dec-15 7:30am View
Did you try adding above code? this code will fire onindex change when you click on searched items in drop down.
Raje_ 16-Dec-15 7:40am View
Raje_ 16-Dec-15 7:32am View
It's working for me. Can you debug your code in firebug and see what is happening there?
Raje_ 15-Dec-15 6:43am View
Where do you want to multiply? Can you please update your question?
Raje_ 14-Dec-15 5:56am View
Where is your code??
Raje_ 26-Nov-15 5:38am View
Did you test this? Does this really work?
Raje_ 25-Nov-15 4:58am View
You are right. It does not make any sense. I have removed that. Thank you for pointing out this mistake. :)
Raje_ 25-Nov-15 3:58am View
x will be your current value, var x = obj.value; You should not expect everything from us. You should do little home work by your self too. :)
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 10:07am View
Yes you can check use regular expression to check typed character :

var regex=/^[1-9]+$/;
if (x.match(regex))
if (id == tab[0]) { //match the id
document.getElementById(tab[1]).focus(); //set focus to next textbox
if (id == tab[1]) {
alert("Must input numbers");
return false;
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 7:47am View
And what is your question?
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 7:38am View
It means your Session["questions"] have null value. Check where are you setting Session.
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 7:36am View
Glad it helped. :)
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 7:32am View
Please learn to debug your code. It's very easy to find out which line throws this error. :)
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 6:13am View
Cool. And please check Solution 1. He has given a very nice example.
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 5:30am View
Did you trying debugging? In Which line you get this error?
My guess is in this line "ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["con1"].ConnectionString;". Have you declared a connection string in web.config file with name 'con1'?
Raje_ 24-Nov-15 2:43am View
Does this now fit your requirement?
Raje_ 23-Nov-15 9:00am View
Do you mean you want to send GridView data which also contains images? If this is the case you need to build a html page dynamically which will contain a table which contains your grid view like structure with all the images. you can create your table by looping your data source.
Raje_ 25-May-15 9:27am View
@Member 11460314 : Is this a gentle way to talk someone who is helping you? Be polite it will help you a lot. :)
Raje_ 25-May-15 9:16am View
Check this pdf file go for 4th point "The Key Schedule".
Raje_ 25-May-15 9:01am View
Can you please verify this in IE?
Raje_ 25-May-15 7:20am View
Why are you putting js file inside partial view? if I were you I wouldn't put JavaScript in the partial view at all. Instead of this i will call it on main page.
Raje_ 25-May-15 7:01am View
Do you want to hide PrgncyCunt label? can you post your code behind code?
Raje_ 25-May-15 6:49am View
Raje_ 25-May-15 6:44am View
Please see my edited answer.
Raje_ 25-May-15 6:17am View
Is it a Windows App or Web Application?
Raje_ 25-May-15 6:06am View
You can't do it. A web page doesn't have the level of desktop access. you can try showing notification on page it's self.
Raje_ 25-May-15 5:54am View
Not enough information, please post your code.
Raje_ 12-Feb-15 10:39am View
Thank you for reply. yes I know it does not support FileReader. do we have any alternative for this?
Raje_ 26-Jan-15 4:23am View
Did you debug it? Where are you getting error?
Raje_ 26-Jan-15 4:22am View
Did you debug it? Where are you getting error?
Raje_ 22-Jan-15 6:58am View
Raje_ 22-Jan-15 6:57am View
I don't know who is down voting. but We answer as per OP tags his question. here he excepts us to answer in C# and ASP.NET.
Raje_ 31-Dec-14 4:58am View
Raje_ 1-Sep-14 11:34am View
You should always provide the original link :)
Raje_ 1-Aug-14 10:31am View
my +5 :)
Raje_ 1-Aug-14 3:09am View
Amy will not be notify if you write your comment in solution box. Can you see "Have a Question or Comment?" box just down the Amy's solution just click on it and write your comment.
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 8:57am View
Have you checked by putting breakpoint in your chk_search_CheckedChanged event? Is it coming to this block?
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 8:50am View
Welcome :)
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 8:03am View
Could you please post your code how you are calling function from C#. May be there you are doing something wrong.
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 7:09am View
You need to close braces properly, Check carefully you have not closed $.ajax({ and function myFunction(filename) {. The full code will be like this :
function myFunction(filename) {
type: "GET",
url: "Location\\"+filename+".xml",
dataType: "xml",
success: function (xml) {
});//you missed this
} //and this

And also make sure your xml file is available.
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 7:04am View
Good catch, my +5 and also would like to add need to make sure "Location\\"+filename+".xml" file is available.
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 6:54am View
Tnx Amit :)
Raje_ 31-Jul-14 6:44am View
+5 for great explanation :)
Raje_ 30-Jul-14 8:16am View
Where have you written first code segment?
Raje_ 30-Jul-14 3:47am View
Thanks Nirav :)
Raje_ 30-Jul-14 2:47am View
And where will you write your text?
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 10:43am View
Yes there is difference. I could not see too initially. Check hour in both dates one is having one-digit hour "9/07/2014 6:07:05 PM"
and another is having two-digit "29/07/2014 06:07:05 PM". :)
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 10:30am View
What is your question?
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 9:32am View
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 7:34am View
So in which browser it's not working?
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 7:09am View
Can you post what properties are added in "input-small" class?
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 6:52am View
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 6:43am View
Raje_ 29-Jul-14 6:42am View
Raje_ 28-Jul-14 10:30am View
Can you make sure your jquery-1.9.1.js file is available in js folder in your root directory?
Raje_ 25-Jul-14 10:05am View
Raje_ 25-Jul-14 9:10am View
+5 for correct explanation..
Raje_ 25-Jul-14 9:09am View
It seems some one down voted you...
+5 from me.
Raje_ 22-Jul-14 6:55am View
Post your code please..
Raje_ 22-Jul-14 6:45am View
What error you are getting?
Raje_ 15-Jul-14 9:51am View
In this case I suggest you to create a new dummy solution and see if it works or not. I have updated my solution with exact code i have created. It's working for me. It should work for you too.
Raje_ 15-Jul-14 9:28am View
Have you refreshed your page with ctrl + f5 in browser? And rebuild your solution too.
Raje_ 15-Jul-14 8:39am View
Why is your link button inside repeater? Do you want to just check the checkbox in same row or you want to check for all the checkbox. Because here I don't see any reoson to check all the check box on link button click which is inside repeater. you can take one button next to repeater :
<asp:Button ID="btnDelete" runat="server" OnClientClick="return (Validate());" Text="Delete Selected" />
Once you run your solution Please refresh your browser with ctrl+f5 .
Raje_ 15-Jul-14 7:46am View
Can you please post your modified code once again including repeater?
And please don't call me sir, I hate that. :)
Raje_ 15-Jul-14 7:35am View
Are you sure you used exact code which is provided in solution. Because in my case it's working great. Can you please put breakpoint and check in which line it's breaking. :)
Raje_ 15-Jul-14 4:49am View
Could you please replace following code :
for (var i = 0; i <= checkBoxes.length; i++) with
for (var i = 0; i < checkBoxes.length; i++)
I just removed equal sign.
Raje_ 14-Jul-14 5:23am View
Can you please add EnableViewState="true" to your Page directive and then check if it works.
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 11:05am View
Please go through the link :)
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 9:37am View
If you post your code then only we will get to know how we can help. :)
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 9:01am View
Can you please elaborate your question?
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 6:51am View
You should have told it in your question.
Frankly speaking it is not possible in win form. you have some options to do it in other way.
here is the link :
Formatting text in WinForm Label
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 6:25am View
You should have told it in your question :( Any ways good to hear that you got solution. :)
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 6:18am View
It seems you updated your question same time when i submitted my solution. any way Is it a win form or web app?
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 6:09am View
One more question why are you using radio button instead of it you can use Check box so that user can select multiple row at same time.
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 6:01am View
So you want to display radio button and you want to hide id column so that user can see only radio button. Am i right?
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 5:34am View
With partial view It can be done easily. where did you stuck?
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 5:21am View
If you don't show the radio button, how will you select the row? Is it by clicking on row, In this case there is no need to take radio button.
Raje_ 9-Jul-14 2:18am View
There is no direct way. You have to use Ajax. :)
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 10:28am View
Permission granted... :)
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 6:23am View
Does this work : "^[0-9]\d{2,4}-\d{6,8}\d{11}$" ?
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 5:37am View
To be honest, I had this code in my demo solution. I had done this one year back and I might have copied from above link you provided. Thanks any way for editing the solution. :)
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 4:10am View
Please make sure to write a comment(reason for downvoting), if any one downvotes the solution. here I see some one has downvoted without writing any proper reoson.This way i will also get to know where i am doing wrong. :(
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 3:35am View
Why are you using [0] ?
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 3:23am View
Thank you.
Raje_ 8-Jul-14 3:12am View
Thanks for pointing this out. I appreciate this. I have updated my solution.
Raje_ 3-Jul-14 2:28am View
This file type is not meant to be opened directly, there is no software that could open and work with it directly, or there is no information available in public sources about opening this file type. This is usually the case of some internal data files, caches, temporary files etc.
Raje_ 2-Jul-14 11:45am View
Replace your <script data-require="jquery@2.0.3" data-semver="2.0.3" src=""></script>
<script src="//"></script>
and let's see if it works.
Raje_ 2-Jul-14 11:42am View
add this to your page :
<script src="//"></script>
Raje_ 2-Jul-14 11:40am View
Here I can see you have not used Jquery plugin.
Raje_ 2-Jul-14 11:19am View
Use try-catch block and check if you are getting any exception or not.
In such case i always prefer to write a Stored Procedure.
Raje_ 2-Jul-14 10:59am View
Are you getting any exception?
Raje_ 26-Jun-14 10:00am View
Awesome Specially for using new string('*', index - 2)
My +5.
Raje_ 26-Jun-14 2:13am View
Adds an HTTP header to the output stream.
Raje_ 25-Jun-14 10:50am View
Do you really think we are going to write whole codes for you?
Raje_ 24-Jun-14 4:22am View
Raje_ 20-Jun-14 2:06am View
Raje_ 19-Jun-14 4:08am View
And why do you want to save videos in database? Usually we save path of video in database and video to specific folder.
Raje_ 19-Jun-14 3:48am View
Is this a part of question? :-
"Ankit Agarwal
Software Engineer or Web Developer"
Raje_ 19-Jun-14 3:43am View
Who has down voted.....LOL!
Raje_ 18-Jun-14 8:38am View
Pls check solution 2 :
int numSheets = workBook.Sheets.Count;
this line gets the number of sheets.
Raje_ 3-Mar-14 2:22am View
Really....!!! AssDepartment? :)
Raje_ 18-Feb-14 7:42am View
Thanks for reply.
Raje_ 14-Feb-14 1:57am View
How about using Youtube for videos?
Raje_ 11-Feb-14 9:51am View
Aaila, Baba idhar bhi :)
Raje_ 13-Nov-13 4:57am View
Thank You.
Raje_ 12-Nov-13 9:56am View
Check out this link :
you will get all your answers.
Google is your friend, visit sometimes.
Raje_ 7-Oct-13 6:22am View
You need to use SignalR.
Raje_ 7-Oct-13 3:41am View
Please Check solution 2.
Raje_ 7-Oct-13 2:49am View
You are Welcome, glad to know, It worked.
Raje_ 7-Oct-13 2:45am View
Please check my solution.
Raje_ 7-Oct-13 2:18am View
Just remove required and check.
Raje_ 24-Sep-13 4:33am View
Use UpdatePanel Control.
Raje_ 15-Apr-13 7:38am View
yes, In this situation use session.
Raje_ 15-Apr-13 7:32am View
why don't you use LoginStatus control.
Raje_ 15-Apr-13 6:09am View
Did you set AutoPostback property in your Dropdown to True?
Raje_ 15-Apr-13 4:25am View
Raje_ 11-Apr-13 10:53am View
Sure, why not ? I can explain. We know that if any control(eg. label) is nested inside the Gridview then we can not directly access those controls from codebehind, for accessing those controls we need to find the controls in gridview, as you have already found it. once we find the controls we need to create a new control same as we need to find and then we can use this control.
Raje_ 11-Apr-13 9:53am View
Welcome El daniel - 11 mins ago, lol.
Raje_ 11-Apr-13 4:19am View
Add cmbItems.DataBind(); line after your cmbItems.DataSource = ds; line;
Raje_ 11-Apr-13 4:03am View
Shhh! perhaps OP doesn't know.
Ridiculous question, Isn't it?
Raje_ 11-Apr-13 3:58am View
use Jquery.
Raje_ 10-Apr-13 9:01am View
Are you using TextMode="MultiLine" for your Textbox?
If yes then try this code :-
Repace "\n" with comma.
string strValue = txtName.Text;
strValue = strValue.Replace("\n", ",");
Raje_ 10-Apr-13 8:53am View
did you give one space in first parameter?
strValue = strValue.Replace("put one space here", ",");
Raje_ 10-Apr-13 8:41am View
First Calm down, and second thing you are not pain for me. here try this:
1. Store your value in a string
string strValue = txtName.Text;
2.Use Replace Method of string to replace space with comma.
strValue = strValue.Replace(" ", ",");
Raje_ 10-Apr-13 8:18am View
Glad to hear that It worked. And it's good to know that you tried it for two days. We should never lose our patience. If any one can do this then you can also do this.
Raje_ 10-Apr-13 8:13am View
ha user may not enter commma, but they will defiantly enter space after each value, so what you need to do is, replace the space with comma while inserting the value.