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Comments by Rakesh S S (Top 42 by date)

Rakesh S S 18-Mar-13 13:08pm View
I want to make application with Tiered Architecture with single Application Server.
I've Just Created those Layer as mentioned
Amol_Joshi 13-Nov-12 0:36am View
Anybody with hint
Amol_Joshi 28-Oct-12 2:54am View
can anybody with suggestion?
Amol_Joshi 14-Jul-12 10:34am View
I agree
Amol_Joshi 5-Jul-12 0:28am View
great explanation!!!
Amol_Joshi 29-Jun-12 7:34am View
see the ordering i want its random order
Amol_Joshi 29-Jun-12 7:14am View
i also try to find the common part
but no luck..
Amol_Joshi 26-Jun-12 8:08am View
i want ordering of group or slots of 5-5 and then cycle should continue
as given in result
Amol_Joshi 17-May-12 4:44am View
same scenario of master page
i tried in normal aspx page for testing
as mentioned by @Dain Ucak need to remove runat=server
work for me
Amol_Joshi 17-May-12 1:03am View
i used master page
and form tag should be runat="server"
in order to place server control
and finally i need to use action attribute
work fine without runat server [form tag]
but not working with attribute runat
Amol_Joshi 17-May-12 0:37am View
yes i am using master page
Amol_Joshi 16-May-12 13:12pm View
the moment i click the div with id="button2"
it execute javascript and after that it shows the above error
Amol_Joshi 16-May-12 12:51pm View
do i need to keep enable viewstate to false of this page
not getting your point
Amol_Joshi 16-May-12 12:49pm View
what if i got some server control inside form tag
i have make runat="server" in such scenario
Amol_Joshi 10-May-12 3:17am View
i want string with / followed by nothing

string with / followed by default.htm

both should work
Amol_Joshi 9-May-12 13:08pm View
Not able to find the pattern i want
Amol_Joshi 7-May-12 12:23pm View
Problem is not simple unless and untill it is solved lol :D
Amol_Joshi 17-Apr-12 12:29pm View
what about solution buddy got my problem?
Amol_Joshi 17-Apr-12 12:22pm View
yes obvious not for long term but
still for some moment don't know exactly
Amol_Joshi 17-Apr-12 7:50am View
on button1 click i am assigning value to static variable from textbox1
on button2 click i am assigning value to textbox2 whichever i set initially
the moment i set where it keep the value of a static variable
and get it back when i needed
Amol_Joshi 17-Apr-12 0:03am View
can anybody explain?
Amol_Joshi 14-Apr-12 2:41am View
i have 1000s of images on server so point (a) i dont think practical
i have already website running with (b) solution and it takes less time in comparison but i want performance to improve further
Thats why i tried the above solution
Amol_Joshi 28-Feb-12 5:28am View
rowno returning record no
doesnt seems to be working 4 me
anywz thanks
Amol_Joshi 8-Jan-12 8:25am View
It is possible to have a mode active and inactive but

@ same time same table was used in many other modules

n i dont want to disturb current flow
Amol_Joshi 8-Jan-12 3:22am View
Without Union is it possible?
Amol_Joshi 29-Dec-11 10:58am View
My vote of 1
Amol_Joshi 28-Dec-11 7:58am View
Amol_Joshi 4-Dec-11 9:44am View
How i can Customize the available option

whichever i need in CKEditor
Amol_Joshi 1-Dec-11 10:53am View
If you are going to ans a question on each problem like this one, you will never complete ur project
Amol_Joshi 29-Nov-11 2:05am View
ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll is not a module
Amol_Joshi 27-Nov-11 9:37am View
Amol_Joshi 24-Nov-11 12:15pm View
where should i apply the css
i tried with css but not working
and i want it to be sortable
Amol_Joshi 6-Nov-11 4:54am View
means to "u" here u means i guess you and not me lol..
Amol_Joshi 27-Oct-11 5:46am View
great work!!!
Amol_Joshi 24-Oct-11 12:26pm View
i want to know just a diff..
Amol_Joshi 7-Oct-11 5:01am View
YES CatId coming from some other qry
otherwise it is 2 difficult to get that order
Amol_Joshi 7-Oct-11 1:09am View
but i want to retrive email id as well ...with same query
Amol_Joshi 17-Aug-11 13:10pm View
this doesnt work i tried.....any other soln appreciated.
Amol_Joshi 6-Jul-11 3:53am View
i didnt got the ans on that link
dats why i posted the questn here
Amol_Joshi 2-Jul-11 6:50am View
I think there is no option for no of rows
Amol_Joshi 30-Jun-11 6:50am View
try 2 read it properly
Amol_Joshi 30-Jun-11 5:39am View
try to read the question then you will come 2 know a questn lol

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