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Comments by Joanne0005 (Top 5 by date)

Joanne0005 15-Sep-11 5:17am View    
in the first line after for...
ds2.Tables("PurchaseDB2").Rows(inc).Item("ItemNo") = poDG.Rows.Item(i).Cells(0).Value.ToString
Joanne0005 13-Sep-11 0:21am View    
and this whole code is only for one database table which is PurchaseDB2, my PurchaseDB3 table is working because it only contains textboxes. I'm having a hard time on datagridview.
Joanne0005 13-Sep-11 0:19am View    
sorry i don't get it, what i want to do is add the inputted record from datagridview to my database, not clear them.
Joanne0005 12-Sep-11 23:25pm View    
so you're saying, i should remove ds2.Tables(1).Rows.Add(newRow2)?
Joanne0005 12-Sep-11 23:24pm View    
i just saw that code in a tutorial, and that code works for him properly.