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Haanaza 19-Oct-11 22:17pm View
thanks alot, i got the answer for my question,but my question new is How can I retrieve data on the level of difficulty of each question in each exam ?
The data in question, which has already sent , i have this code but Retrieved data is incomplete ,i need some help
Haanaza 18-Oct-11 18:09pm View
thank you
execuse me

i have this code to retrieve data about student that passed in exam
but didn't retreive any data
what's the wrong in this code ?

SELECT "Exam"."Exam_name_english", "Result"."Score", "Semester"."Semester_Name_english", "Student"."Student_Firstname_English", "Student"."Student_Lastname_English", "Year"."Year_name_english"
FROM (("Examination_System"."dbo"."Result" "Result" INNER JOIN "Examination_System"."dbo"."Student" "Student" ON "Result"."Student_ID"="Student"."Student_ID") INNER JOIN "Examination_System"."dbo"."Exam" "Exam" ON "Result"."Exam_ID"="Exam"."Exam_ID") INNER JOIN (("Examination_System"."dbo"."Year_semester" "Year_semester" INNER JOIN "Examination_System"."dbo"."Semester" "Semester" ON "Year_semester"."Semester_ID"="Semester"."Semester_ID") INNER JOIN "Examination_System"."dbo"."Year" "Year" ON "Year_semester"."Year_ID"="Year"."Year_ID") ON "Student"."Year_id"="Year"."Year_ID"
ORDER BY "Year"."Year_name_english"

Haanaza 17-Oct-11 15:21pm View
ok ,but i just want to learn
Haanaza 17-Oct-11 15:19pm View
i have in the database the following tables:
Admin ( Admin_id , Admin_name , User id )
Haanaza 4-Oct-11 22:40pm View
thanks alot,
but if i have in the Exam Table also this column (Full_mark , Pass_Mark)
how do i calculate the Result.?
and why i don't show any data when i execute the statementjust the name of columns.
please explaine to me..
Haanaza 3-Oct-11 14:33pm View
i have db include tables like ( Student - Subject - Exam - semester - year - Result) each table contain column,
i need to SQL statement that retrieve data about each student that Passed in subjects
Haanaza 28-Sep-11 0:23am View
i want to say too ,another form Specific to each type of user
Haanaza 28-Sep-11 0:18am View
i have for examble Users (admin ,student ,teacher) i want log in form and direct jump to another form , u understand me ,
please help
Haanaza 28-Sep-11 0:14am View
thanks , but i don't under stand this["UserName='" + txtUserName.Text + "' and Password='" + txtPassword.Text + "'";] & what you mean "yourredirectedpage.aspx"
Haanaza 14-Sep-11 15:43pm View
I need help for the design of the program , if you please Contact Me through this page.
Haanaza 14-Sep-11 15:38pm View
I want to contact me for this topic
Haanaza 14-Sep-11 15:36pm View
if you please I need a way speaker design software for the blind
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