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Serkan Onat 6-Apr-16 14:22pm View
the link i provided works well ,it is an online API documentation
if you still can not open then try google with '3ds Max SDK Reference'
Serkan Onat 5-Apr-16 6:23am View
as you can see at the error log
the problem is not exporting from the dll !

it is related with importing to his dll
Serkan Onat 21-Mar-16 16:55pm View
Answering questions require same skills :)
Serkan Onat 15-Mar-16 17:05pm View

Take a look at this , there is a unicode version for CE and Embedded
Serkan Onat 14-Mar-16 8:29am View
it depends which steps you made so far

it might be a write permission issue
or Enable 32Bit driver on 64Bits issue
it might be your browser, (as i have experienced an issue with an old version of FireFox (trust local URLs))
and list goes so
if you have no idea about IIS configuration
you would better follow some getting started tutorials here:
Serkan Onat 13-Mar-16 9:42am View
He looking for a solution to sqlite3_exec

People called themselves as expert still use user-defined strings in SQL queries (instead of prepared statements)
And trying to do it in a even worse way by converting SQL query to unicode with using so called helper classes which actually does nothing other than converting the query string ,but just uses extra CPU power and memory space

and the result still is not free from SQL injection

That's why i suggested yours ,easy to use ,lightweight and unicode aware
I used your Wrapper in an application and i am very happy with that :)

Serkan Onat 12-Mar-16 19:49pm View
i have pointed out the general issue in your code , so you have scope errors
i am not going to fix your homework sorry

but consider following ,according to my example 10,20,100

i = 2; which points to value of 100 and size of C is 3 (even after you made the change i mentioned)

C[A[i]] = C[A[i]] + 1;

translates to

C[100] = C[100] + 1;

but there is no room at index 100 , currently C contains only 3 items and max index is 2 (zero based)

you can use temporary vectors to, fix your problems
Serkan Onat 12-Mar-16 10:47am View
i will definitely check the date next time , i feel like stupid now :)
when i see this question at fist page assumed that it is a week old or so after i saw label : Edited xyz ago

Serkan Onat 12-Mar-16 10:19am View
i am not the one who brought this question to top
i saw this question under recent list

to be honest ,i did not check the date , but this question was definitely in the first page
Serkan Onat 7-Mar-16 6:28am View
you probably calling this before dialog appears

i have tried that code via a simple SDI app with about dialog (created by project wizard) and that worked

please check what CWnd *pWnd = pMainFrame->GetLastActivePopup(); returns against CFrameWnd *pMainFrame

if they are same then you definitely calling that earlier , while dialog does not exist
Serkan Onat 21-Feb-16 13:15pm View
according to your question , you have quoted comment of sqlite3_exec function (in source code)
and assumed that you are familiar with sqlite3 API , but looks like not
of course you can not use wchar_t in sqlite3_exec , but you can convert query string to UTF-8
you can use wchar_t at Statement level , stmt.exec() ,stmt.bind() etc..

for example that wraps

sqlite3_bind_text16 API with wchar_t instead of const void*

Serkan Onat 21-Feb-16 12:42pm View
what do you mean with this question ?
Serkan Onat 19-Jan-16 16:57pm View
I tried what you said and it worked fine here (Windows 10 X64) Visual Studio 2010
if you have issues with old version then ,you can try IWMPPlayer2 interface instead

in addition check the version dependencies of WMP interfaces at MSDN site from the link i provided at first message

P.S : i personally did not use WMP in applications (as hosted), i prefer LibVLC instead , and i always suggest the use of LibVLC when asked
Serkan Onat 18-Jan-16 6:54am View
Like i said in previous message you need to click Control Events icon to see event list
see image :
Serkan Onat 18-Jan-16 3:24am View
You would better do following ,because CWnd container already doing that

Goto dialog designer , select media player control
And then its events will be listed under properties pane (you need to click control events icon)
Then you can select an event and add it to your project
Visual Studio will automatically add callback function to parent window class just like the MFC way
Then you can add your code to implement event procedure