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abhishekagrwl25 6-Feb-18 9:41am View
I want to get User Id for that specific stop some user to log in to other users Id.
abhishekagrwl25 27-Aug-13 2:00am View
RowID EmployeeID Time Access_Date
2 9007 14:45:43 2011/09/20
3 9007 14:49:50 2011/09/20
4 9007 14:45:43 2011/09/20
5 9007 14:49:50 2011/09/20

Above is the table from which i want to make a new table with column named(EmployeeID, In_Time, Out_Time,Access_Date) in which In_Time will be the Min time for respective date and Out_Time will be the max time for date for particular employee...

i need this for creating a report in ASP.Net...
abhishekagrwl25 27-May-13 0:28am View
but i dont have to insert value...i have to make columns in table2 by the values inserted in table1
abhishekagrwl25 25-May-13 7:48am View
i have improved the ques, is this understandable to you..??
abhishekagrwl25 25-May-13 7:01am View
hey Nelek,

thanks for the advice, but i have solved it myself by adding columns to tha datatable before binding it to gridview

dt.columns.add("column_name", typeof(string));
abhishekagrwl25 19-May-13 0:13am View
one more question...i have listed the selected files in to an string array, if user select one file file more than once i handled it through file.exists, but if user deselect any file, now what to do for delete it from my array..??
abhishekagrwl25 18-May-13 22:01pm View
I have done i have to find the selection to do it..??
abhishekagrwl25 18-May-13 5:05am View
Thanks for the solution, yes i am not interested in seconds but i have to show AM/PM..
what value is to be there in CustomFormat property for that...??
abhishekagrwl25 14-May-13 6:32am View
but how to insert selected item's path to a list<string>.?
abhishekagrwl25 14-May-13 5:30am View
yes i had set ListView.CheckBoxes property to true..
abhishekagrwl25 14-May-13 5:19am View
how to check for that item is checked...while listviewitem doesnt have item.checked property..?\
abhishekagrwl25 14-May-13 5:00am View
now how to save the path of checked item of listview in a string array on button to do it..??
abhishekagrwl25 14-May-13 2:34am View
i am using this code to populate the treeview

System.IO.DriveInfo[] drives = System.IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives();

foreach (System.IO.DriveInfo drive in drives)
if (drive.DriveType == System.IO.DriveType.CDRom)
TreeNode mn = new TreeNode(drive.Name);

string str = mn.FullPath;
DirectoryInfo info1 = new DirectoryInfo(@str);
GetDirectories(info1.GetDirectories(), mn);
abhishekagrwl25 14-May-13 2:33am View
e.node property returns the value "C:\\" not "C:\"...this is the exact problem...what to do so it can select "C:\" only..??
abhishekagrwl25 13-May-13 6:54am View
i think i have to use nested foreach loop that go through each file extension but cant implement exactly..
abhishekagrwl25 13-May-13 6:49am View
but i have to use string array for checking list...because i am dynamically storing values in string array..
abhishekagrwl25 13-May-13 6:39am View
foreach (FileInfo file in nodeDirInfo.GetFiles())

this is the foreach loop i am using...
how to use your logic with this..??
abhishekagrwl25 13-May-13 5:50am View
hi tanvir,

I can use System.IO.Directory.GetFiles to select specific file types but here i want to omit the specific file types. that is the problem. Do you have any solution regarding that..??
abhishekagrwl25 9-May-13 20:15pm View
having this error....dont know what to do.... Method 'DoSnapshotSet' in type 'Alphaleonis.Win32.Vss.VssBackupComponents' from assembly 'AlphaVSS.60.x86, Version=1.2.4000.3, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=959d3993561034e3' does not have an implementation.
abhishekagrwl25 9-May-13 19:36pm View
having this error....dont know what to do....

Method 'DoSnapshotSet' in type 'Alphaleonis.Win32.Vss.VssBackupComponents' from assembly 'AlphaVSS.60.x86, Version=1.2.4000.3, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=959d3993561034e3' does not have an implementation.
abhishekagrwl25 4-May-13 3:06am View
but how to use it using c#..?
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 6:14am View
i even tried commenting that line.....error is still tha same
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 6:07am View
it is not showing code...i dont know why.....but name in the app.config is ConnStr
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 6:04am View
<add name="ConnStr" connectionstring="Data Source=.......;Initial Catalog=test;User ID=sa;Password=hpbose@123;Pooling=False">
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 6:01am View
<add name="ConnStr" connectionstring="Data Source=SUSHIL\ABHISHEKSQLDB;Initial Catalog=test;User ID=sa;Password=hpbose@123;Pooling=False">

this is the code for app.config..
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 6:00am View
yes....this is my code in app.config file..

<add name="ConnStr" connectionstring="Data Source=SUSHIL\ABHISHEKSQLDB;Initial Catalog=test;User ID=sa;Password=hpbose@123;Pooling=False">
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 5:51am View
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection();
con.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnStr"].ToString();

when compiling the last showing error

this is my code....
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 5:37am View
i am using this code but still haveing an exception tha t "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.".
abhishekagrwl25 15-Apr-13 5:17am View
i have created connection string in app.config file...but now when i write code to use conenction string, i am getting "object reference set to null exception."

my code is..:

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection();
con.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnStr"].ToString();

suggest me the solution..
abhishekagrwl25 21-Jan-13 0:58am View
x64 driver was not installed on the server.
abhishekagrwl25 21-Jan-13 0:57am View
oh i understood and now i hv resolved the problem by converting my ms-access database from 2007 to 2003 format and using Microsoft.JET.OLEDB.4.0 as provider.

thanks for your valuable suggetions...:)
abhishekagrwl25 20-Jan-13 9:49am View
actually m able to debug it on my local machine...but while i am putting it on server that time it shows thid error...

for reference:- you can also see it at
abhishekagrwl25 20-Jan-13 9:45am View
no , m using x32 on my local machine.
abhishekagrwl25 25-May-12 7:51am View
ok , i have done it...solved...:)

abhishekagrwl25 25-May-12 5:35am View
i have tried it. but still having same problem.
abhishekagrwl25 25-May-12 5:31am View
but i have to show footer row when no data is present in to do it..?
abhishekagrwl25 25-May-12 5:14am View
now it is showing another error...that column active does not allow line

abhishekagrwl25 22-May-12 4:09am View
done this. now it shows exception:-
Cannot set voice. No matching voice is installed or the voice was disabled.
abhishekagrwl25 22-May-12 3:28am View
done it is showing 3 items in combolist:-
1) MicrosoftMike
2) MicrosoftMary
3) SampleTTSVoice

now what to do to set the voice..??
abhishekagrwl25 22-May-12 3:09am View
but how to set displayformat in GridView column.??
abhishekagrwl25 20-Apr-12 1:31am View
there is an error as i defined above
abhishekagrwl25 19-Apr-12 22:14pm View
if i have to validate two textboxes on one button click..then what shuold i do..??
abhishekagrwl25 19-Apr-12 21:55pm View
removed Type="Date" , now it is not showing that error but but still it is not validating date in "dd/MM/yyyy" format.
abhishekagrwl25 11-Apr-12 4:19am View
i have accepted it sir

abhishekagrwl25 11-Apr-12 3:59am View
thank you sir, but i have solved it myself and yes there was the problem with connection string i was using..
abhishekagrwl25 10-Apr-12 3:32am View
actuly i want to know about use of spt_values table and how to use it...??
abhishekagrwl25 10-Apr-12 1:47am View
yes there is prefix based on joining kit.... like if joining kit name is scalar then pin should be...sc101, sc102....
abhishekagrwl25 9-Apr-12 1:56am View
abhishekagrwl25 8-Apr-12 10:19am View
also tried it...but still having same problem..
abhishekagrwl25 8-Apr-12 10:17am View
is there any problem with Eval function..??
abhishekagrwl25 8-Apr-12 10:15am View
tried it, but still having same problem, gridview has data through datasource, but not binding it.
abhishekagrwl25 8-Apr-12 10:08am View
its not showing any exception, query is right, i have checked it on sql query analyser, dsshow1 has data but it not bind it to gridview.
abhishekagrwl25 25-Mar-12 13:57pm View
i want to do it myself but don't have any idea about how to do that, using any type of assembly or what ??
abhishekagrwl25 2-Feb-12 2:31am View
tried all the solutions provided by you but they are just not working. :'(

the problem remains the same.
I can clear the session on logout but it's not getting abandon or cleared on closing the browser without logout
abhishekagrwl25 2-Feb-12 2:30am View
i have made session in a class file and the class file will be accessed by all the users. don have a clue how to solve this problem... :'(
abhishekagrwl25 3-Jan-12 4:14am View
I have done it. Thank you.
abhishekagrwl25 3-Jan-12 3:45am View
no.... i haven't. the problem that i am facing is that it's not showing footer template field when it's showing empty data template field.
abhishekagrwl25 3-Jan-12 2:43am View
i have used EmptyDataTemplate but still it does not showing footer row...
abhishekagrwl25 12-Nov-11 3:15am View
Yes still m getting the same error....:(
abhishekagrwl25 11-Nov-11 7:15am View
Thanks !! it worked ...
abhishekagrwl25 11-Nov-11 7:14am View
Thanks.. it worked
abhishekagrwl25 10-Nov-11 3:26am View
tried all the solutions , none is working .
abhishekagrwl25 10-Nov-11 2:45am View
Also the code is not working
abhishekagrwl25 10-Nov-11 2:28am View
Thanks for the ans sir,

But what if the user has disabled his java script ???? this would pose a problem then ...
abhishekagrwl25 3-Nov-11 4:47am View
when the page loads for the first time the Dot net Menu is not showing anything
however When i click on the home in the flash menu , page loads and then the dot net menu is working properly. please check the following link.