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yuzaihuan 14-Jul-15 20:24pm View    
Hi, Karstenk, thanks for your attention.

I am not quite understand what your said. Could you show more detail?

In this project, I had two seperate cameras (two seperate threads/files, same as file1.c); image grabbing finished by two similar & seperate threads (in file2.c); of course, in file3.c, I provided two seperate call-backs, two seperate image buffers, two flags (mbSnapOk[0],mbSnapOk[1]).
yuzaihuan 15-Sep-14 3:15am View    
Thank u, KarstenK.
I have tested the code, it is OK.
Need add #include <windows.h> first.
yuzaihuan 4-Sep-14 21:42pm View    
POSIX is from Unix, but environment is Windows.
yuzaihuan 4-Sep-14 21:35pm View    
got it, I think I need add windows API to use "CreateMutex()" in my code.
yuzaihuan 3-Sep-14 20:47pm View    
It is OK in C++, or C#, but can I transform this code into C, if yes how to do ?

Thank you.