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Member 8090436 5-Jan-18 5:09am View
Yes. Many thanks for the answer.
Member 8090436 22-May-16 5:58am View
Thanks for your response. I have open ASP.NET 2.0 application in Visual Studio 2015 as a Website.
I have tried to find out v4. 0 dell, However, it has not been available. I have added v2.0 downloaded dll to the open website Bin folder.
I have added -
using System.DirectoryServices.Protocols;
It hasn't recognized at all.
Any suggestion on this.
Member 8090436 2-Dec-15 9:04am View
Thanks....i am looking this with JQUERY not with control.
Member 8090436 9-Nov-15 7:54am View
Thanks. I have tried to run the code but found it was having not completely running code.Lot many classes have not referenced available there.
Please suggest some other approach.
Member 8090436 9-Nov-15 3:37am View
I am not able to get response from below code-
var response = DnsClient.Default.Resolve("", RecordType.Mx);
var records = response.AnswerRecords.OfType<mxrecord>();
foreach (var record in records) {
I have added assembly.but, unable to fill response var variable.
Member 8090436 5-Nov-15 0:33am View
Not working have tried.
Please suggest alternate approach.
Member 8090436 3-Apr-13 5:33am View

I got solution onthis.



SET NOCOUNT OFF and problem got resolved!!

Many Thanks to all....
Member 8090436 11-Mar-13 10:10am View
Your provided approached helpful only while we need to change Parent column and want to update child column value when they have Primary-foreign key relationship.
But in my scenario assume both belongs to different tables and also different columns.
If you have idea suggest me one or two!
Member 8090436 20-Feb-13 6:39am View
But what is in DoStuff() method....
How i do?
Member 8090436 1-Feb-13 7:02am View
This link not fulfil my requirement.
Can you suggest any other approaced!
Member 8090436 1-Feb-13 7:01am View
This will not fruitful for my requirement.
Can you suggest any other approached!
Member 8090436 29-Jan-13 9:29am View
But this is not helpful for me.
Member 8090436 16-Oct-12 6:57am View
But i already try this and found no effect.
Member 8090436 8-Sep-12 3:58am View
Thanks for your reply ... I will follow the article and back to u....
Member 8090436 5-Aug-12 2:10am View
Thanks for quick reply. But what i do for avoid this ?
Member 8090436 24-Jul-12 12:40pm View
Not able to says 'name 'functionname' does not exists in the current context.'
I tried but failed :-)
Member 8090436 21-Jul-12 1:49am View
Excellent solution link provided!

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