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Comments by CyborgForever (Top 56 by date)

CyborgForever 4-Oct-12 2:17am View    
CyborgForever 4-Oct-12 2:09am View    

These are the encoding mentioned in the xml file. Is there any other way to identify the encoding, if this line is not mentioned in xml file.
CyborgForever 14-Aug-12 2:49am View    
So we should identify whether the input character two byte character and they avoid it in textbox is it... is there any other way like we check in keypress for alpha numeric character check...
CyborgForever 14-Aug-12 2:00am View    
how will this be useful in identify the Keychar of input from keyboard. Kindly help

CyborgForever 14-Aug-12 1:28am View    
I'm not sure I want char for UTF-8 n JIS
supported Japanese character