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Manjunathmh 11-Feb-12 5:33am View    
Dear Mario Majcica,Thank you for your reply.

No i don't want to store the file in .rtf format, it should be in .docx file format.

Actually i tried to convert the .rtf file to .docx file as well, but it rises the "FileFormatException-(File contains corrupted data)" exception (I tried with both 'Microsoft.Office.Interop and OpenXML'. Nothing works for me) :(
Manjunathmh 25-Nov-11 4:10am View    
Dear SAKryukov,

Actually i have to use that control in the web page.
If you know the solution in any of the language please provide me, I know how to blend it to suite for the requirement.
For your kind information all the above languages what i have mentioned can be used in the web applications.
I know how to work around those languages
and also i want you to know that, I know how to embed the silver light application to web page and its not a problem for me if the solution is in silver light.

I think this makes sense for you.
Manjunathmh 25-Nov-11 4:06am View    
I need it's look and feel should be like a tree control.