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Member 8112150 13-Jan-12 3:13am View    

Thanks for your help.
but by "elsewhere" i meant other focusable controls.. the WM_KILLFOCUS message is sent only when i click on the CHTMLEditView control..
does this have something to do with the HTMLEditView control?
because my dialog box has other buttons whose WM_KILLFOCUS message behavior is as expected..
Member 8112150 13-Jan-12 3:10am View    
i m really sorry.. i meant looses focus..
Member 8112150 18-Aug-11 0:27am View    
Going to try it out..

Thanks a bunch :)
Member 8112150 17-Aug-11 5:55am View    
actually i have to set the style of the buttons on the initdialog of the main dialog box.
but these buttons belong to a class that i have derived from CButton class and this class has the
DrawItem() that has the code to set the style.

this is called if i create a control variable for each button. but i have around 26 buttons and i dont want to create 26 control variables :(
Member 8112150 12-Aug-11 3:41am View    
yes in a way,

i have handled the OnMouseActivate() event and sent the message MA_NOACTIVATE.

and in the end the focus is where i intend it to be.
but in the process the toggle of the focus can be seen at the tool bar.
can this be eliminated?
i need it to resemble the Windows OSK.