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Comments by Stan Huang (Top 83 by date)

Stan Huang 22-Nov-22 4:58am View    
So, I still don't understand what 'scan.cgi?scan=1' means at statement "newAJAXCommand('scan.cgi?scan=1');". Could you explain them?
Stan Huang 22-Nov-22 4:55am View    
Yes, I have access to the server, which is an embedded system.
Stan Huang 3-Feb-21 6:40am View    
I'm considering building both (C# application / C++ DLL) in 64-bit. I built the 64-bit application successfully. But I failed to do it for DLL. I changed its property page's Target Machine option to x64, then re-built it. I got the error: "fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'x86' conflicts with target machine type 'x64'"
How come? What should I do to build a 64-bit DLL?
Stan Huang 2-Feb-21 6:03am View    
That issue is different from mine, just similar. They don't really propose a solution.
Stan Huang 1-Feb-21 21:29pm View    
It doesn't help because the situation, Windows version and VS version are far different from mine. Also, I don't find the real solution.