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hebsiboy 20-Feb-15 3:50am View
thank bro it is working Fine .................
hebsiboy 20-Feb-15 0:13am View
I am Using below code to find mail Information

Item mail= Item.Bind(_service, new ItemId(MsgID));
mail.IsRead = true;

but i am not finding any property like
hebsiboy 20-Feb-15 0:09am View
what is (mail) --- which object that
hebsiboy 19-Feb-15 23:43pm View
yes I am using ExchangeWebAPI
hebsiboy 20-Jan-15 9:46am View
hi bro

it is Working fine
same like i have Folder Id Based on that How can i find the Folder Contents
hebsiboy 28-Oct-14 12:36pm View
i am not doing any hacking related activity's
I am working on Job HR-Related Product (Software)
In that Client organization they will block some job sits then the employees can't able to Browse the blocked job sits But HR can able browse the job site for that they will use our Software using Our
software Only HR can browse the job sits For That I Need to Develop the Application

so I asked Such a Question
hebsiboy 28-Aug-14 5:57am View
Answer : 5.1 Five Year and one Month
hebsiboy 28-Aug-14 3:09am View
i have Two Columns

year 1 : 2.5
year 2 : 2.11
Answer : 5.4
hebsiboy 20-Aug-14 10:50am View
yes that i know
i here I am calculating Year 12 Month is one Year
So i Need to Calculate 12 comes Add one Year

Example : 3.7 + 2.6 =6.1
hebsiboy 20-Aug-14 10:37am View
I am Giving year and month
when i add this Values it is calculating 2.3 + 2.8 = 5.1
I need if 12 month then i need to plus (one year)
Example 2.5 + 2.9 = 5.2
hebsiboy 20-Aug-14 10:28am View
This is year Calculation 2.3 is year one and 2.8 is year two i need sum of year that is 4.11
hebsiboy 20-Aug-14 10:23am View
This is year Calculation 2.3 is year one and 2.8 is year two i need sum of year that is 4.11
hebsiboy 18-Mar-14 5:11am View
I need to Validate Is Their any Wrong Emails
hebsiboy 18-Mar-14 5:08am View
after that i want insert that email to database table
hebsiboy 23-Sep-13 4:31am View
Thank you........\\
It is working fine..
hebsiboy 23-Sep-13 4:04am View
thank you sir...

Now it is working.......
I change that quire left outer join
SET t1.avaliblequality = t2.avaliblequality
FROM itemmaster AS t1 left outer JOIN(
SELECT itemid, SUM(avaliblequality) AS avaliblequality
FROM stockdetails as t2
GROUP BY itemid
) AS t2 ON t1.itemid = t2.itemid
hebsiboy 23-Sep-13 3:59am View
It is working but.
in itemmaster table having 6 items. and stockdetails table have 3 items stocks only.
when i run that quire all itemmaster avaliablequality are updating. onther 3 values having default values from last record of stockdetails
hebsiboy 8-Aug-13 9:08am View
I use one loop that is working fine.. but that is take long process so that i am asking any shortcut methods to split this string
hebsiboy 29-Jul-13 2:10am View
this is my mail-id
hebsiboy 29-Jul-13 2:03am View
My fried ask me this question. but I don't know exact answer so that i posted hear. if you know this program please post here
hebsiboy 26-Jul-13 1:39am View
I am using windows application but some time .cs file is editable
hebsiboy 26-Jul-13 1:38am View
thank you..........
hebsiboy 19-Jul-13 6:33am View
In dataGridView Has one combobox that having 5 values
when the page is loaded i want to select 4th values from combobox
by default
hebsiboy 19-Jul-13 6:19am View
this combobox is inside the datagrid so is this work or not?
hebsiboy 19-Jul-13 6:16am View
no sir
hebsiboy 28-Apr-13 11:59am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n nice